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Review by rey on 2005-03-07
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I would like to inform you of a growing concern about the fraudulent timeshare sales practice that is in effect at resorts in Mexico. Granted, timeshare presentations are always high pressured and you hope that they do not stretch the truth too much. You do not expect them to outright lie about any of the features and benefits they offer. But even worse in this case, I believe they are criminally fraudulent when they make people waive their right to the “cool down” contract rescission period, especially when Mexican law does not allow this right to be waived. They do not give you a copy of the waiver so you are only left with your initials on a clause that said you had five days to cancel.

This is not an isolated incident, see www.tug2.net BBS system, Renting section and search on Please Help or Timeshare Fraud, or visit these great sites of information; www.timesharefraud.info or www.timesharebeat.com/mex-fraud.htm

Please pass on these 3 points to all travelers to Mexico.

1. Be aware that Mexico laws require a 5 day “cool down” contract rescission period for timeshares purchases, and this right cannot be waived.

2. Timeshare values do not increase, aftermarket prices are a great value and at least 50% discounted. (Check Ebay and Google)

3. Timeshare rentals are prices typically at, just over, or actually below the cost of your maintenance fees. (Check Ebay and Google)
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Posted by I.P. on 2006-07-25:
I was scammed too and wish I had a chance to know what I know now. Thankfully there are folks who are helping to warn consumers. See http://www.mayanpalace.info/
Posted by bubbles1956 on 2007-10-27:
I got cheated last month with lies from mayan resort salesmen. Mostly the manager when we said no the first two times. My mom is diabetic and was not feeling good and they kept us there for around 7 hours. I finally got tired and gave a 1/3 deposit thinking I could cancle later but after signing my parents and I noticed a waiver of our right to cancel. I don't know how all 3 of us missed that but we did and we are stuck with this. We were told we get two weeks for one then told we can rent our unti for $1400 but when I went to try to rent it won't go for more than $500...under the maintenance fees. I don't think what they did is legal and I am looking for a lawyer.
Posted by Bheema on 2008-02-10:

If you are within your 5 day period from when you signed (5 [U]Business Days[/U] just like it would be in the U.S.) you are lucky.

Backing out now is easy but you have to do it right. In early February of 2008 we got out of our contract by first calling the US consulate. They referred us to the Puerto Vallarta office of Profeco. Profeco is the Mexican consumer protection office and is the very best way to get yourself out. (Ask around where the office is. Many people don't know anything about it.)

If you follow the directions on your contract and return to Mayan with all your papers saying you wish to back out you will be immediately put into their 'plan B' and will be re-sold or "re-packaged" down to a less expensive deal. If that's what you want fine, but if you want to get out and don't want to subject yourself to any more of their psychologically tested and proven sales techniques (which we find immoral and just plain wrong -manipulating human beings like that with fatigue, hunger and just plain lies) then just go to a Profeco office.

The one we went to was out by the airport near Sam's Club in a little strip mall. The time-share people HATE when you do this. It takes away their ability to re-sell you. Profeco prepares and gives you the rescind letter for the contract you signed and the time share people must sign it without further games. If they don't they are in big trouble with Profeco. Mayan had to credit our credit card right there on the spot for the money they had debited as down payment.

In the future something may happen where these very powerful and wealthy landowners in Mexico may be able to neuter Profeco. If they do here's hoping your own country's consulate may be able to guide you how to get out of your deal.

The problem with all this is these TS people have to use these high pressure techniques to take whatever they can from you. There is no "set price" for anything. They will get what they can. For us it was simply seeing what these same units we'd paid many thousands of dollars for were going on eBay for about 1/4 to 1/5 of that price. We also found that renting, trading down and all the rest of the pretty picture they painted was not as easy or lucrative as they implied.

Best of luck to you and I hope this is of help to you. If you are beyond your 5 days I do not know the answer but would start with your consulate for guidance.

Posted by falcon1 on 2008-06-19:
Thank you for your help and advice. It helped me organize and send my letter of refusal to the Mayan AGAIN!!! First phone response this morning. No cancellation yet...just more hassle!!!
Ken and Rita Kronen
Posted by Charles on 2013-05-22:
Great article! I believe that the big rip-off about timeshares is in the way they are sold. The folks who sell timeshares use all sorts of trickery to get you to attend a high-pressure sales pitch, where they put shills in the audience ("Gee, these timeshares are a great bargain! My wife and I are going to buy one NOW!"). Mayan Palace sales tactics are hardcore and they will tell you anything you want to hear to get you into the contract and keep you in contract with them. It is too common for the sales representative to offer you an upgrade if you already own a timeshare with them. This is a good article on how most of the mayan palace timeshare scams are being committed:


Vacationers, BEWARE!

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