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Review by Nancy519 on 2010-10-16
BEAUMONT, CALIFORNIA -- My 82 year old aunt purchased a wicker loveseat, rocker, chair, ottoman and a small end table from Landero’s Furniture Superstore. With the help of one of their salesmen they found an attractive set in their catalog. She was promised that it was sturdy (she has a bad back) and since the pictures were very nice, she went ahead and purchased it for $1,762.81.

The delivery was chaotic, with guys taking out the old furniture and bringing in the new furniture. Before the new furniture was set up one of the delivery men asked her to sign a delivery confirmation, and she did.

By the time she and her neighbor who was present during the delivery were able to see and check out the “new” furniture, all delivery people were already gone. The furniture that was delivered to her was:

DAMAGED: There are wicker strands on the surface of the items that are completely broken, and some that are bent and breaking. It is also missing several screws that hold its parts together.

SCRAPED & CHIPPED: Entire large areas are completely chipped. It’s not even like something hit it and gave it a little chip, it is areas that are just chewed up.

DIRTY: There are thick layers of dust in all the nooks of the wicker, it is absolutely disgusting. This had to have been stored for at least 5 years, or, maybe they stored it for one month in a dust factories dust storage room.

It is 100% without doubt used furniture. It is NOT SUBTLE either. It is not like someone had a new-return and is trying to pass it off as new/unused. Without exaggerating, if you had to describe it, you would say that it is wicker furniture that was in a college Fraternity for 2 years in the 1980’s, stored in a dust factory till 2010 when my aunt finally bought this “new” furniture. – That is not even an exaggeration. I wish I could post pictures here.

Landero’s customer service?
I saw the furniture 3 days later and immediately called. First, they accused my 82 year old aunt of the damage. I was able to finally get the store to come out and take pictures for the manufacturer. My last conversation was that we will not be getting a refund, and the manufacturer agreed only to paint the scrapes, nothing will be done with the other damage i. e., chips broken pieces etc.

It appears to me that they knew the condition of the furniture due to the hasty retreat of the delivery men. I explained I would be writing a review and their response was “good, free advertising.” Go figure? I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will be taking them to court.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-10-17:
My first reaction was to ask how all of this damage and overall condition of the furniture was not noticed before the delivery people left. Your aunt and the neighbor must have noticed something was wrong as the furniture was being set up. On the other hand, it does sound like the delivery guys pulled a fast one.

If your aunt paid with a credit card she can dispute the charge, but if she paid cash, I'm not sure what can be done about it now. Maybe someone else will have better advice.
Posted by Nancy519 on 2010-10-19:
Before the new furniture was taken into my aunt’s home the two delivery men had to remove her existing sofa and loveseat into the garage. The problem was they attempted to remove her old furniture through the kitchen door into the service porch area and out the back door; unfortunately trying to maneuver the sharp turn from the kitchen to the porch the sofa got stuck. My aunt was nervous they were going to cause damage to the doorway, walls or her appliances she followed them out. She instructed them to remove the loveseat through the front door and remained in the garage to cover them. While she was coming back into the house and talking with one of the delivery men he asked for her signature. The other delivery man was finishing up putting the new furniture in the living room, before she saw the new furniture the delivery men where gone.

Posted by Venice09 on 2010-10-19:
Nancy, I do understand how this can happen, especially if the delivery guys knew your aunt would be unhappy with the furniture. It's too bad the neighbor didn't notice the condition of the furniture. Maybe you should just continue to bother them until they do something about it. Sometimes a company will give in if the customer is persistent. I hope they do the right thing.

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