BCBG, GA Informative - Beware Of What You Purchase And Speak To Someone Before You Do

Review by carolz on 2010-10-18
We have just purchased new medical insurance from BCBC, GA and stated the date on our documentation of when we wanted it to commence as August 15, 2010 not knowing that it would take almost two months for our medical records to be reviewed by the Underwriters of the policy. Accordingly, a payment for the insurance was taken directly from our account on September 20th and on 22nd (and it was an incorrect amount warranting another payment) and then we received our medical cards stating the insurance started on August 15th. We started a brand new insurance in debt because they wanted to prorate from September 22nd to August 15th. We didn't even know we were insured on August 15th even though they tell us NOW that we were. We were told on the phone that we were still being reviewed. Because I am now making a fuss I am told by a BCBC representative in Virginia that I was the one who wanted coverage on August 15 and that I had it and if I had had a big accident or if I needed coverage I would have had coverage. Does anyone reading this believe that statement. In my view, if it isn't written anywhere, then it doesn't exist! Sorry BCBC a bad way to start a brand new insurance policy. Why doesn't the review board state the date when the policy will be effective from and then ask for payment from its customers? Talking or e-mailing gets you know where and as far as I am concerned the sooner all these insurance companies are looked into and their policies reviewed the better. It cannot come quickly enough for me. Needless to say I come from a country where the medical is paid through your Federal taxation and where people who are sick get TREATED and not kicked to the curb.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-19:
You requested that the insurance began on August 15th and, because the underwriters accepted you, you were. If the policy was not, for whatever reason, underwritten, you would not have had insurance. They weren't going to tell you in writing that you had the policy until they were sure it was underwritten. Fortunately, you didn't have any reason to use the insurance. Given the intense debate on health insurance in this country, don't count on any policies being stable as the government, insurance companies (and their attendant flushed with cash lobbyists) can change it's mind about coverage faster than you can say, "Politician". Always keep health insurance here. Better to have more coverage than you need than none.

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