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Review by spicecake on 2010-10-19
VIRGINIA -- First of all I took a friend with me to purchase what I thought was a good deal. well I had a friend to go with me to make the purchase. I wenrt in and they had what was suppose to be a 12 piece set, so I was suppose to get sofa, chair and another chair with a foot stool. Well when it was delivered< I was missing the 3 chair and the stool. Just to make sure I was losing my mind, I asked my friend was what he heard the sales clerk say, was the same thing I heard, which was the third chair and stoll was included, and of course, I failed to look that closely at the sale slip before I paid for the items. Ok once I receive the order and did not receive what I thought I had paid for, I call the store and of course I was told oh no that was not included in the package, she lied, because me and my friend heard her say it was included in the package. On top of that the table were all broke up, so they took them back, why they delivered them again and those were all broken up. By this time I am boiling, so I call the store and tell the sales person to not to send me any more of those types of tables. After what I had gone through with these people waiting and receiving tables that were broken up twice, I thought they would replace them with better tables, but guess what they would not. I told them to refund my money back on my credit card and I am waiting to receive my money back. My next move is to contact the states attorneys office. Don't buy anything from these stores, they are offer.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-10-19:
You really should have looked at the receipt upon payment to make sure everything was included. The salesperson might have misrepresented the items, but it's also possible that both you and your friend misunderstood what was said. If you don't get a refund, you should dispute the charge with your credit card company.
Posted by spicecake on 2010-10-20:
No there was no misunderstanding on my part nor my friends part. She just out and out lied and to think I am going to keep excepting broken product which I have paid for, they are looking for a fight, they will give me my money back for the broken tables. Stop making excuses for these low lifed compaines trying to get over over customers. All of the compaints can not be wrong, because ther are to many of them. every body is not wrong. They are quick to take our money, but it takes forever to get your money back or get the problem resolved. Stop the bull.
Posted by getoverit on 2010-10-20:
If there's any way that you can get everything back to their store or warehouse, you could dispute the matter with your credit card company. If you can provide a signed receipt verifying that the items have been returned, I really think your credit card company would refund all your money.

I know that would be a hassle, since your dealing with a sofa and everything. But, in your shoes, I would just want to be done with the whole thing. And a credit card dispute is going to be quicker than trying to work through some state agency.

If you really expected to receive 12 pieces of furniture, you should have made sure you had that information in writing. Maybe the receipt would state a price "12-piece group" or something like that, maybe it would itemize all the pieces, or maybe there is some kind of flyer or special sale brochure that shows the whole grouping. But I would never just take someone's word for it.

Without any documentation, I wonder if the State Attorney's office is going to be able to do very much.

Posted by spicecake on 2010-10-21:
First of all I really like the sofa set so far, and I would not go through all that to hire someone to take the items back which I would end up spending more money and secondly I just want my money back for what I did not receive. Trust me, I will get my money back for the broken tables , which I must remind you, I did refuse.
Posted by getoverit on 2010-10-21:
I hope you do.
Posted by spicecake on 2010-10-22:
You know unless you have spent your money, you really cannot say what I should do or not do, and for the person that made the statement for me to get over it, you really should just keep your mouth shut and not give that type of advise to anyone , when it comes to someone receiving what they have spent their money on and did it with a honest heart. many people are quick to say what someone should do, but how would you handle it if it was on you. People don't have money to give away and I will not give my money to anyone, especially a company that is not struggling to pay there bills. So some of you, just need to keep your advise to yourselves. you would want what you paid for and nothing less.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-10-22:
Why so nasty, spicecake? I just read the comments and unless I missed it, I don't see where anyone told you to get over it. All I see is some advice and suggestions, which are to be expected when you allow comments to your review.

How would I have handled it? Since I do not have money to give away, I would have made sure I had everything in writing. I also wouldn't assume that businesses are not struggling to pay their bills. Consumers aren't the only ones hurting in this economy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-22:
(spicecake... "getoverit" is the posters name.)
Posted by spicecake on 2010-10-25:
You know what, I don't need anyones advise, I will handle this the way I feel is fair to me, and for my money to be returned is all I want. So any other advise, you can just save it, because when it comes too people stealing from me, I have a problem with this.
Posted by MRM on 2010-10-25:
Spice, they were just trying to help you. You're very welcome.

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