Vegas Painters Complaint - Do not let this paint company in your home!

Review by sick of dishonesty on 2010-10-20
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Please do NOT let this dishonest business into your home. They play on words and will tell you they will "cover" your walls and then due to the fact the workmanship is poor you will be left with numerous areas of base color showing through on a single wall for example. They call themselves professional and then want to try and touch up gloss paint with gloss paint hoping you are naive enough to accept that. Now, if you do you will get flashing. Look it up on line and read about how and why this happens. I also refused to pay them as I knew the so called touch up will make a mess of my walls. So they think they are cute taking me to court. Hmmm, you say you use warranted products on projects and you do not as I have the paint cans to prove it. Hmmm, you change numbers on contracts after people sign them. Hmmmm, then when customers complain the owner does not show his face until he is forced to by the Contractors Board. He uses what he thinks is cute legal maneuvering by putting in his contracts you agree to have matters ajudicated in a small claims court where he obviously has some standing. He breeches his own advertising material where he states he seals the wall prior to the finsih coat being applied, but he does not. He refuses to accept partial payments though his contract does not forbid them. Well, he met his match as the next court he will see will be higher up the food chain so I hope he's got his attorney lined up. He plays games stating in court we will not let him finish his job in an effort to make us look like the party at fault.

Well, it will be interesting when I get him in a real court with real attorneys when he has to explain emails sent stating he was finished. It will also be interesting to see him explain why my carbon copy of the supposed contract bears no date and why their original has different figures than what was agreed to. He will also be fun to watch to explain why in some situations he states he is done so he can then try and collect from me but when it suits him in court says he is not done. Which is it Dave? Soon others who have been a victim to your predatory tactics, decpetive advertising and deceitful tactics will flood the social networks and any other medium to keep sleezy people like yourself from frauding others. See ya soon
Company Response on 10/21/2010:
Vegas Painters does not take deposit because we simply do the job right and if and when there is a touch up area to correct we do so. However, in this case Mrs Vamos wanted a full second coat of paint and she only wants to pay for one coat.

I insisted she contact the State Contractors Board so we could get our touch up work done. The Contractors Board informed Mrs Vamos that once she makes payment they would issue to Vegas Painters an order to correct and she would have to allow us to finish our job. They then would return to inspect the job. This is all we have asked for the opportunity to finish the job. She told the Contractors Board she would not accept any touch up and the entire house must be repainted. Therefore the Contractors Boards said they can not do any thing from this point and I would have to take it to court.

At that point I had to proceed to small claims court. The Judge also informed Mrs Vamos that she must allow Vegas Painters to touch up and finish their job. She told the Judge she would not accept touch ups and would only accept a full second coat. The Judge then said what do you have to lose, you have not paid any money, and Vegas Painters wants to return to do their final touch ups. Once they finish take pictures and bring them to me if your unhappy. She still refused the Judges request. The Judge tried to settle this case without having to issue a judgement against Mrs Vamos by reasoning with her to allow us to finish. When there was no hope the Judge said I will render my decision in one week.Mrs Vamos is expecting the Judge to rule against her and she is now planing her appeal. The paint distributor we used is Dunn Ewards Paints and they have always warranted their paint. They in fact wrote a letter concerning how paint is designed to touch up and that it does not leave spots on the newly painted walls.

The short story to this unfortunate issue is when a paint contractor paints your home there may be some areas that requires touch up. This is normal in the paint industry and is done every day in every city in the world where painting is performed. The State Contractors Board and the Judge has informed Mrs Vamos of this and yet she still has not paid one cent and she still refuses to allow us to finish the touch ups.

However, I respectfully request Mrs Vamos allow us to return and finish our work so we can all get back to what we do. Again we do not expect to get paid until the job is done.

Please do not believe all the things people write on the internet in order to discredit any business. As you can see I have not been paid one cent and Mrs Vamos refuses to allow us to return.

Vegas Painters paints hundreds of homes each year and occasionally we have someone who does not want to pay. This is so unfortunate.

Thank You for allowing me to respond.

David L Palumbo
Vegas Painters
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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-21:
Let us know what happens in court. In the meantime, you've given folks something to consider about their choice of painting contractors.

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