TCT Properties Goodyear Az Complaint - Do Not Rent From This Place

Review by Unhappy Tenant #1000 on 2010-10-26
GOODYEAR, ARIZONA -- I totally agree with the other review. I wish I would have read this before renting from this place. It is true, all they want to do is take your money. First when you move into the place it is not in good shape. So what they do is take money from your deposit to fix things that needed to be done before you moved in. They accuse you of breaking things that were broken before you moved in. They even accused us of taking a door down that was never there! And the sad thing is they probably did the same thing to the prior tenant. Took all their money but didn't even fix the things they charged them for. Their maintenance techs don't know what they are doing. And they are very rude and unprofessional. (Stacey and Jose)Everytime you ask them to come fix something that was already broken they get an attitude. They try to twist your words up and use them against you. One of them even brought their son to do the inspection and he said he had never even done one before. He's just doing what his --- told him. Its not right how this company takes peoples money. We left they house in way better condition than what is was when we moved in and tried not to be a problem the whole 2 years we were there and this is what they do. TAKE OUR MONEY!
And get this, we asked to go back into the house to see if they really did what they charged us for and they refused. What does that tell you? If they spending your money you should have a right to see what they spent it on right? DO NOT, DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-26:
There should have been a documented walk through w/ checklist prior to you moving in, and another upon moving out. Pictures can also be helpful, but are not foolproof. I took my apt. managers to court once, with move-out pictures showing the excellent condition I left the unit in, they brought deplorable pics from another identical unit. I lost my case and did not receive my deposit back.
Posted by Josh on 2010-10-26:
As rip said, there should have been a documented walk through with a checklist prior to moving in. You also have the right to request a walk through before you move out. They are suppose to generally tell you issues that there might be, but only what they can see easily.

If they are not giving you back any of the deposit, you should ask for a detailed list as to what the money went towards. I believe they have to give that to you if you request it.

Again, about the items that they are saying you broke even though they were broken when you moved in, those items should've been listed on the initial walk through. Same thing with the door that is missing.

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