Autowest Dodge Roseville Complaint - Poor Service at this Dealership

Review by cpfullback on 2010-10-29
ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- I took my Dodge Ram pickup to this dealership to have a transmission problem diagnosed, the trucks computer had generated an engine code of P0740, which has to do with the torque converter no engaging properly. I am a pretty decent mechanic but admittedly know very little about transmissions. When you arrive at the dealership you'll immediately wonder why it took you so long to get someone on the phone to make the appointment as there are no less than 4 service writers sitting in a room. As soon as I walked in I felt like I was being surrounded by four very hungry sales people. Nonetheless, I dropped the truck off for the $99.00 diagnostics. The next day the dealership called and said they had determined that the truck would require a new Torque Converter, New Pump, seals and shaft and that the Differential Fluids were bad as well as the transfer case fluid.....Total cost was just shy of $4,000.00. They somehow figured all this out by doing an electronic examination only. The truth of the matter is that they could not determine what was actually wrong unless they dropped the transmission (strike 1). The service writer said that the front and rear differentials needed servicing which was completely bogus as I had just serviced them myself (Strike 2). The service writer also said the transfer case needed servicing and the transmission fluid was very dirty and I had just flushed those as well (strike 3). The service writer then tried to go even further and suggested that I consider a complete transmission rebuild, about $5,000.00 worth. They made all these assessments without ever dropping the transmission pan....Unbelievable.

So, I went to a reputable ASE certified mechanic. I paid the money to have him drop the transmission and evaluate the different components. The Torque Converter was shot but the Pump, seals, shaft, transfer case fluid and both differentials checked out great. I still spent $1,400.00 but that's a far cry from $4,000.00 and my truck is running great.

If you go to this dealership and feel like your service writer is being pushy and / or it seems like the quote for services is high.....IT PROBABLY IS. These guys are just selling up and up and up and I ain't buying and neither should you.

I spoke to the service manager about this and my experience. Like I said, I'm pretty knowledgeable and I didn't get taken by these shysters but if someone were to go there that didn't have as much experience you could have a very bad experience.

I looked at my experience in this way....I knew I needed some work to get done on my truck and I figured it wouldn't be cheap. By going to this terrible dealership first and getting the outrageously high and totally bogus quote, I felt much better when I went to a real mechanic and got the work done for 1/3 the cost. It was worth the $99.00 just to make myself feel better....if that makes sense.

Don't go to this dealer...I'm sure there are others out there which would do much better for you.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-30:
good review

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