TVC Home Healthcare Complaint - Not a place you want to work or employ for your family's care

Review by woody6 on 2010-11-07
YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO -- In the few weeks I've worked for TVC Home Healthcare, I've discovered it's very unprofessional. They do not provide information about clients prior to the home visits. You walk in "blind" not knowing why the client is in need of homecare. The health and saftey of caregivers is questionable. I was sent to a home that was infested with fleas, roaches an God knows what else. This resulted in me purchasing flea/roach killer for myself and my home, for fear I would track something into my home. I was given the wrong address to a client and was chased by a broom by a scared elderly woman whose home I went to. I stood outside a clients home, ringing doorbell and knocking, when I called the office and stated no one was answering I was told "oh, there's a key in the mailbox, she's in bed". I should have known this beforehand so I didn't look unprofessional. One client has "issues" with aids and tends to throw herself down. I was pinned between her and a dresser when she had one of her moments. Resulting in injuring my arm and back. When I went to the office to make out an incident report, I was informed "she does this all the time." and it was the second fall that week and it was only Wednesday, I should have been warned ahead of time.

I informed the supervisor and scheduler I was not comfortable with this client and would not go back. They were given a 4 day notice of this, ad the client still did not have an aid scheduled to replace me.(I was told by the owner that if I ever felt uncomfortable with a client, home, area of a client residence, to let them know and I would not be forced to work there.) I had a day off for an appointment and one of my clients was left w/o a caregiver, they never scheduled another aid for the day I was scheduled off. I went to work on a Sunday only to discover another aid was already there. Scheduling seems to be a problem as well as communication, ethics, safety to workers and professional consideration for clients who expect an aid and do not receive one seems lacking.

I'm heartbroken that this experience did not work out. I'm requesting aids and families of potential clients to do a complete search of the company they choose for employment or care for a loved one.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-07:
Have you reported any of this to Adult Protective Services and your state's Dept. of Health? If not, please do so.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-07:
OP, I understand your need to be worried about yourself, first and foremost in these types of situations. However, your lack of compassion for your patients has me concerned.

In my state, as a health care worker, we are required to report some of these instances to the state (Virginia).

In entering these people's homes, you will come across situations not immediately cozy, safe, and clean. You may treat fleas and cockroaches in your own home, but the patient still has them. You may feel like you look unprofessional, but, to who?

There is a reason these clients require home health care.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-07:
Yeah I was thinking theres a reason these people need aid to come to their house to "AID" them. Some of these people are too sick to take care of themselves, as why they need AIDS to come to their house. I wouldn't be expecting to walk into the whitehouse when working in this type of industry. If you don't like it, then maybe being a home health aid isn't the job for you.

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