Liberty Import Center, Libertyville, IL Complaint - Like to be taken advantage of??? Don't go to Liberty Auto Plaza!!!

Review by Dali2003 on 2010-11-08
LIBERTYVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Do not ever go to this dealership unless you want to be ripped off!!! They will carelessly deal with your car and not take responsibility for any damage they cause! That was my experience! To make a long story short, I just went for my free car wash and my car "coincidentially" started acting up at the facility. They suggested I replace my battery and I did so out of concern for my safety. Upon leaving, my radio and clock would no longer work. When I brought this to the service manager's attention, he insinuated my car was already with these issues prior to my visit and added I would have to come back at a later date and PAY for the diagnostic. I went through hell and back trying to figure out what ALL OF A SUDDEN was happening to my car. I even went to the Nissan dealership in Gurnee for a second opiion and they, too, claimed I needed to have my radio repaired for approximately $300-400. I tried and tried to get into contact with Liberty Import Center management, but they kept giving me the runaround and telling me they have no fault. When I finally managed to speak with Mr. Massarelli, the owner, he was not considerate, claimed he couldn't help me and that I've have to take it up with his son - who was a jerk and would not cooperate whatsoever!!! Desperate for music in my car, I finally took my car to Sunset Automotive in Waukegan and was treated very well there. The mechanic found that the whole problem was simply due to a blown fused which was a caused by Liberty Import Center!!!! Why is it the service manager couldn't check my fuses as soon as I complained about this issue??? Especially that from what I hear, blown fuses are common when changing a car battery??? UNBELIEVABLE!!! This shows you how much their service managers know about cars!!! Either that, or the obvious alternative that they just want to rip off all their clients - especially unaccompanied women - which was my case!

After all this, I was forced to file a BBB Complaint on Liberty Import Center and now, the jerks refuse to give me my free car washes as a form of revenge. Why are they so bitter? They deserved the BBB complaint!!! I'm sure any other person would've gone to greater lengths with the dissatisfaction they caused!!!! I still want justice here!
Company Response on 03/20/2011:
This review was written by an employee who was let go. This is nothing more than sour grapes! I challenge the writer to disagree!!
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2010-11-08:
The free car wash is not worth it. Now that you have posted your complaint here and notified the BBB, I would not want to take my car there in case they decided to do something to it. I doubt you needed a new battery either. Sounds like the free car wash is to get you in there so they can get you to pay for more services. I would avoid this place after what already happened. Its never a good idea to go back to a place after you start posting complaints especially in a case like this where they know who you are from your complaint.
Posted by bcd on 2010-11-08:
A dealer that didn't find a blown fuse is a dealer to avoid.
Posted by Dali2003 on 2011-03-21:
Now the owner is trying to justify their actions MONTHS LATER by stating the only reason for my complaint is because I'm holding a grudge. What a lame excuse! This just goes to show you how they handle their customer service! John Massarelli, grow up! Had your dealership taken care of my car the way they were supposed to, I'd have no reason to complain! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to come to that conclusion! Ha! I believe in karma. You'll have yours coming!
Posted by Esperanza on 2012-07-31:
Years later, I still cannot believe this dealership. They have the nerve to lie and state I'm a disgruntled employee and this is the reason I wrote this complaint. I could care less about working there and only took the job as a fill-in to find something better! It was, IN NO WAY, a career decision! My complaint is 100% honest and I have proof for those who want to see! My car was in great condition and they tried to scam me out of paying for services I did NOT need and for repairing my radio/clock whey the whole thing was simply due to a blown fuse THEY THEMSELVES caused! I demand the public know about how they try to scam people, especially their female customers. Beware people! This dealership will try to get every single penny out of you! Best bet? Go somewhere else!

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