Discount Radiator World Complaint - Bob King of Discount Radiator World is a thief! owes me $3342.50

Review by tomyweld on 2010-11-09
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I needed to buy a radiator for my motor home. Discount Radiator World at 4555 Auburn Blvd. Suite #20 Sacramento, Ca. is where I bought it. I felt nervous purchasing a radiator for $3342.50. I called Chase Visa and was told not to worry, and that my purchase would be covered, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED! I called Bob King, the owner at Discount Radiator World and ordered the radiator. Once Bob King got his money, he said it would ship in a couple weeks. I kept calling him to find out where the radiator was. He wouldn’t return any of my calls. He kept my money! I called Chase at this point to cancel the transaction because it was the 58th day from their 60 day window from when I ordered it to still get a refund. Chase told me NO PROBLEM, You will have your money within 24 hours. Then when I called Chase Visa they told me they needed a letter from me and the merchant before they would pay me back. They told me that they couldn’t help me because they didn’t get a response from the merchant. I finally talked to a representative at Chase Bank that took my whole report and assured me that this would be taken care of. I received a post card awarding me the refund in my next 2 to 3 billing cycles and never saw it. I called Chase and talked to the same representative. She apologized and said she couldn’t\' help me no further because her boss shot it down. Now at first I was denied because they needed a letter, then a second time because they didn’t get a letter from the merchant, Bob King. Now I am told I need to fax this letter to explain everything in better detail another time. I have to summarize this transaction as a nightmare full of promises over and over by supervisors telling me my refund is entitled to me. I purchased an item and never received it. Chase has drawn this out over 15 months now. I did everything Chase Visa told me to do with in the timeframe and guidelines. I was assured that there was no risk in purchasing the radiator. I understand that in the STATE OF OHIO, an oral agreement is a legal binding contract. I have been awarded a refund from Chase Visa 3 times and had 4 excuses why I am denied, changed ever time I spoke with someone there. I was told that information was missing. I was told that Chase Visa had no record of the 1/2 hour conversation between them and myself. I was only asking what was owed to me. Chase had assured me of a risk free transaction and now they come up with all these excuses because they basically can't get in touch with the guilty party. This is not my fault! I shouldn’t be penalized and stuck with a bill that Chase Visa recommended me to make. Bob King is a thief and so is Chase Visa!
Sincerely, Tom Panek
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Posted by T on 2010-11-09:
There are many complaints on the internet, in the past few months, that appear to have been written about this same incident.

I found in one, that the credit card company said they could no longer pursue Discount Radiator World because Visa no longer has a relationship with Discount Radiator World.

This is a key detail. If this is true, it would appear the only avenue would be to pursue DRW legally.

To the OP - this complaint is mostly about what happened between you and Chase. If DRW stopped dealing with Visa, isn't your complaint with DRW at this point? If Chase can't pursue DRW through Visa to get your money back, I don't know what else they could do. Is this circumstance covered in your credit agreement?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-09:
Sounds to me this OP got royally screwwed by both DRW AND chase.
Posted by Tom Panek on 2012-01-27:
I have spoke with Bob King and he has promised to pay me. It has been a long tolime now and I havent seen a dime. He went out of business as I pursued him and his father at Bob King restorations. I asked his father if he condones his sons criminal behavior and he hung up on me.

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