Vision Dodge Complaint - Vision Dodge Screwed Me

Review by Dan Lunn on 2010-11-12
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Purchased 2006 Dodge ram 1500. After discovering that the box was not attached I did a Carfax and found out that the truck had been smashed head on into a tree in NJ. The dealership promised me a replacement truck. After being lied to repeatadly they finally ended up saying that all they would do is give me a warranty for when it breaks down. The truck shimmies and makes thunking noises. the brake light on the dash goes on and off and the truck stalls intermittently. I feel unsafe driving it. There was never a buyers guide on the truck before I bought it. I contacted the manager, Mark Ledtke by email and told him I was hoping to resolve the matter without involving the Attorney generals office and he didn`t respond. The salesman Chuck told me that Mark said I don`t have a leg to stand on and to go ahead and contact the Attorney Generals Office. //I finally got them to agree to give me an unlimited mileage, 4 year warranty that would cover any defects that may come about as a result of the accident. The salesman brought the warranty paper right to my house for me to sign. It was just a yellow paper. He showed me a brochure with two pages checked at the top. He said "you get this warranty, with this add on". It looked like a good warranty. We signed the yellow papers which didn`t have much on them. Later we discovered that the warranty paper that he had us sign was dated 4-20-2010, but he just had us sign the warranty paper on 6-16-2010. They dated the warranty for the day I bought the truck.(Insurance fraud?) Now when I get the actual warranty in the mail from Chrysler, it turns out to be a plain old 39 month drive train warranty. They even screwed me on the warranty that was suppose to be the remedy for screwing me the first time on the truck. I can`t seem to get any resolve out of this company. I have even been contacting the vice president of Vision Dodge, and he has promised me that he would try to get me a replacement truck, but I have heard no more from him either. I am finally going to stop listening to their lies. I have sent my complaint with all of my documentation to the NYS Attorney General`s Office. « www.visiondodgescrewedme. com
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-12:
that's why you ask for a Car Fax before you sign anything.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-12:
I'm sorry you are stuck with a lemon Dan and I hope the AG can do something to help you resolve this matter. When you found about the accident they covered up, that was a clue they were crooked. You should have read whatever was on that yellow paper with a fine-toothed comb. When you are car shopping, it is well worth it to pay for a subscription to pull CarFaxes so that you don't need to pay for every single one. I think they are about 5 for $50. When I was shopping for my daughter's car, I found out all kinds of good stuff - cars that had been in accidents, cars that had water damage, cars that had previously been fleet vehicles. What's $50 when you are about to make such a major purchase? It saves you a ton of Excedrin down the road (or not down the road, all depending on the car you choose).
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-11-12:
What the others said and also take it to your local trusted mechanic and have them check it out for you.

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