Oxmoor Toyota 8003 Shelbyville Rd Louisville Ky Complaint - Bad Business - 2000 Toyota Camry

Review by bad business on 2010-11-14
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I was sold a 2000 Toyota Camry on October 12 2010, by Oxmoor Toyota I gave them 500 dollars down, I had a trade in. I then went an had insure changed, premiums went up for November cause I had a newer car. Then had some work done to Camry. I was able to take a job working further from home cause I had a fuel efficient car. 23 Miles to gal much better than I was getting.

Thats why also I wanted to trade my truck in. I aso had no back seat for my new grand baby. I for sure needed a car. Oxmoor Toyota sure sold me a 2000 Toyota Camry on October 12 2010.Then guess what? Oxmoor Toyota calls me on November 15 2010 to tell me I have to bring 2000 Toyota back.

They could only finince me for a 2003 Toyota Camry. After a month I do as they say an take car they sold me with my trade in an 500 dollars down back to them. To get other car. And guess what they told me. When I get there. They just sold it.

I think after you have had a car for a mounth you should be able to keep it. I have been out money time from work not to say the stress iam under now. Having a new job further away from home but is a better job, the money I would have saved in gas now will not cover it in my truck.

So my life is worse now because to go finince another car I won't have time needed on my new job to qualify for a loan any place else. I have stress now of starting all over. The mounth I had my 2000 Camry I got new job, so time on my new job will not help me finince any place else, also Oxmoor was to pay off balance I owed on my truck and they did not. For first time in years I had a late payment with my other finence co cause Oxmoor Toyota did not pay off 1200 dollars I owed on November 9th is when payment was due so when I called to make sure Oxmoor Toyota payed off balance they informed me no. Oh how they have upset me and runed my life.
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Posted by NickL11354 on 2010-11-14:
Seriously why would you buy a 10 year old car?? Once a car goes over 100,000 miles repair costs get very very steep
Posted by saj80 on 2010-11-16:
Because, Nick, it's all some people can afford. A vehicle should never be driven off the lot until the financing is secured and approved, but 30 days before being notified is unreasonable. Not sure anything can be done now, but it is a good lesson learned, although expensive.
Posted by momsey on 2010-11-16:
Nick, you're so out of touch, it's pretty disturbing. You give the same answer to every question, and it's never helpful.

This car dealer sounds like a scammer. You're not approved for financing for a 2000 car but you're approved for financing for a car that's three years newer? Doesn't make sense. Good luck, sorry this happened to you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-16:
I agree momsey. Sounds like they lied just to get him in there with the car :(
Posted by T on 2010-11-16:
Nick - I bought a 1998 with 48,000 miles on it 2 years ago. It looks close to new, runs like new, and has had no repairs needed since I bought it.

You have no idea what condition the OP's car is. I don't understand how your comment relates to the OP's situation.
Posted by karma_the_nija on 2011-10-28:
bad business,

I encourage you to contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint (go to your main page, up at the top: my consumer tools, there is a drop down menu, contact the BBB) Oxmoor has been trying to keep their B- rating....they had been a C-/D...they ARE liars.

Also, the Attorney General's Office is a great place to have your info....the more complaints filed, the easier it is for him to have a lawsuit.

I called Oxmoor to inquire about my perm. tags....they called me back to state that they needed me to some back to sign the title....this was almost a month after they sold me the car(& the previous owner had just then signed the title over....to me....not Oxmoor)

I'm so sorry you experienced this issue...Oxmoor is horrible. Inbox me if you would like a possible place to go....where they WILL treat you well :-)

Best of luck!!

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