EBay Complaint - Ebay Supports Fraudulent Sellers - Proven Fraud Still Open For Business

Review by TDB on 2010-11-15
My complaint is small compared to others I have read, but using them, and losing with them adds up. The complaints all add up and show the criminal and unethical tactics used by Ebay. Their purpose is clear, they do not have integrity. They are after the almighty dollar, over and above fairness to buyers (and as I study to sellers as well), so I just feel everyone should expose them with your problem. So others learn and stop supporting these crimes. So here is my complaint.

After bidding on and winning a supposed "Professional" gemological refractometer from Airflow142000, described as NEW, NEVER BEEN USED, includes 2 year warranty, and then receiving something else other than what was pictured altogether - an old, broken down, loose battery compartment, all around non-functioning refractometer without the 2 year warranty.

I requested my money back. The seller said no shipping charges would be refunded on his sales page. (Against Ebay policy) Realizing this and the audacity of this fraudulent sale/auction, I filed a complaint with Ebay, and later followed up and sent Ebay a copy of my shipping/request for all costs emailed to seller Airflow14200.

EBay does not acknowledge my email or discussion regarding my loss in return shipping and request for the return of my shipping cost loss, and lacks concern of any kind for this type of fraud and loss to customers on their auction site... and why would they? If Ebay loses the criminal seller, how are they going to make their percentage off any of their criminal sales? There was no reprimand for these fraudulent actions and sale. This seller, Airflow142000, has not had interrupted service on Ebay of any kind or length, or any other reprimand for this SO VERY CLEAR FRAUD! He is free to turn around and try to sell the returned garbage to someone else now.

EBAY is just as big of a criminal as the fraudulent sellers they support when they do not ensure their buyers safety and refuse to properly handle fraudulent sellers. How fair is it to fraudulently lead someone into believing they are buying a product by falsifying information to induce your bid or purchase, not produce the item, and then leave you holding a loss for return shipping in any amount? It adds up!

Okay, so I am an idiot for using Ebay, but YOU don't have to be... but here is why I am. This is not the first time this has happened to me. I used to purchase gemstones through Ebay, many came and tested out as glass or something other than what they were described... which descriptions are made to induce higher bids. Some will get here and turn out to be simple glass. Other scams for instance, are the seller claiming a fluorite gemstone was Paraiba Tourmaline and described as such. The bids will be hundreds of dollars in difference to value, and shipping is $10.00 to $18.00 to return a gemstone overseas where most gemstones come from.

I have closed my Ebay account before for two years because of this constant loss in shipping, until I recently received an email from Ebay stating that they will guarantee shipping costs will be returned in future orders. The wording was just enough to get you sparked up, or believing them... a manipulation of words to reel you in, but omitting that they will only get shipping PAID to the seller returned, and did not detail that your return shipping costs will not be requested or required to be returned by the seller.

I hope these complaints get out and people take heed. If we, as consumers, use these fraudulent companies such as Ebay and some of their fraudulent sellers... They succeed and we continue to fail more and more and more. If we wake up, put our foot down, STOP using Ebay and other fraudulent Internet selling sites, until they work to earn their income, protect the buyers and sellers PROPERLY, they will have to change their dirty methods.

This is my last eBay adventure ever. They cannot be trusted over their greed and manipulative emails. This was a $9.76 loss (providing I really get my money back from the seller). But aside from this, in the past I have lost an approximate minimum of $370.00 in return shipping costs in several fraudulent sales on eBay (a minimum of 30 fake stones). When I realized that loss growing steadily, I stopped using them.

Fraudulent sellers should instantly be banned... STOPPED... and prevented from continuing. What is Ebay thinking? Of that almighty dollar? Could it be anything else? Fraud is Fraud and character of the seller! Guess what - it is yours. They essentially help these fraudulent sellers steal it from you and they are okay with that. Are you?
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Posted by candybear on 2010-11-16:
I completely understand your frustration. Ebay zips off canned responses to customer issues that have little to no relevance to what is going on.
I have been one of the good sellers there for over 8 years, with over 4300 positive feedbacks. When I have had to write them about issues, they keep you waiting for days, and then you receive a canned letter. In one case, they had someone call me...part of a satisfaction survey. I told her that I didn't appreciate it that good sellers are being treated like criminals lately and asked her why bad sellers are not immediately removed. This was her actual response. "We want to give them chances".
So they get to have more time to defraud people and good sellers get lumped in with them.
I still maintain a small presence on Ebay, but honestly, I buy there as little as possible. I simply refuse to give them money....by buying or selling on Ebay.
Have you tried Etsy or Artfire? You can get nice things there and deal with nice artists and sellers of vintage things in a friendly environment. I couldn't believe the difference.
Posted by T on 2010-11-16:
Ebay is far from perfect. Fraud is definitely a concern, and the objects you trade (gemstones) are a prime target for fraudulent activity.

In my experience, you would be better off not using Ebay to buy gemstones. It is just too likely you will run into trouble, even using sellers with 100% positive feedback.

I don't know how Ebay fights fraud, but their business is the perfect place for unscrupulous people to make a buck. It seems like it would be a simple matter to identify who is conducting fraudluent business, and who isn't. The best way to avoid it is not get involved where the risk is too great.
Posted by TDB on 2010-11-17:
Thanks for your responses. It helps to know people are reading and learning. Candybear I do know, I have been reading Sellers have pretty severe problems with eBay themselves. One obnoxious person can run your hard work earning 4300 positive feedbacks. I also know you are right about trading gemstones being trouble trmn8r. Working with Ebay, EVERYONE is at risk of losing something EXCEPT Ebay and that was my point in concluding I needed to post here. Ebay rakes in the money off of our (Seller and Buyer) activity, yet, they don't put hardly anything into correcting problems. The canned responses, the lack of communication, the lack of concern that honest buyers and sellers are losing, the charging of seller fees when a seller lost a deal. The list goes on, yet the point is still there.... They are raking it in and they couldn't care less about the people who are making it for them. It's time people wake up and take their business elsewhere. That sounds harsh, but the reality is, they get more obnoxious with their non-corrective responses as time goes on. The more they make, the less likely they will ever correct anything, and the floor will fall through for more and more Sellers and Buyers all the while we reward Ebay for their greed and inept business ethics.
Posted by max rockatansky on 2013-08-27:
hey I know it's been awhile, but is there any update on this?

I had my own experience with a fraudulent Ebay seller. There has to be power in the numbers of dissatisfied customers....

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