Automax Hyundai Norman Complaint - Huge Waste of Time and Energy... I hate liars!

Review by Wow_Really on 2010-11-16
NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- I am a single Mom on a fixed income. My car died on my way to work on Monday. (By that I mean it cannot be resurrected). I was in a pretty tight spot when it came to transportation because without transportation I cannot work which means my kids go without.

My significant other and I went to Automax in Norman after going to several other dealerships. We knew exactly what we were looking for and how much money we had to spend. The young salesperson came out and we made it very clear what we were looking for and what we had to spend. He went inside and when he came back out, he informed us that he could definitely get us into the vehicle we wanted at the price we needed. We went for a test drive and chose to test drive another vehicle to make sure we were not making the wrong decision. We went inside to finish the deal and guess what.... It was $800 more than I could afford AND there was another $300 for processing fees.

The manager was very insulting and kept deferring to my boyfriend instead of speaking with me. Hello! It was going to be my car! I made it clear at the beginning what I could pay. We even went as far as telling them that we couldn't pay even 50 cents more than that. I wasted a good hour at this place and because I was so upset I couldn't even THINK of going to another dealership at the risk of being screwed over again.

Needless to say, I still do not have a vehicle and if it wasn't for the fact that I have awesome friends and family I would be at risk of losing my job.

This is the type of service that gives ALL dealerships a scummy reputation. Be HONEST! It isn't that hard. Don't screw a single mom out of her hard earned (and little bit) of money...
Company Response on 11/17/2010:
In response to Wow Really's review of our Norman dealership, I am very sorry that your buying experience was less than satisfactory. Our goal is to give every customer their best car-buying experience. While we have many very satisfied customers who report on their surveys that they did have their best car-buying experience at AutoMax, sometimes we fall short of that goal. As the Customer Service Manager at AutoMax of Norman, I would love for Wow Really to contact me at the store number (just ask for the Customer Service Manager). I would like to get details of her experience and see if we can make good on what we promised.


AutoMax of Norman Customer Service Manager
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-11-18
Posted by Wow_Really on 2010-11-18:
Unfortunately for you (and VERY fortunate for me) I have already purchased a vehicle at another dealership who took awesome care of me. Just ask your store manager about the young lady who walked out on Monday afternoon. I am sure that he or Trey remembers me well. I was SET on the Dodge Nitro and would have made the purchase in a heartbeat if what we had initially been told had been correct. I will NEVER return to Automax (any of them) and have made sure that I am passing on to friends and family just the kind of service that I received. The best and worst advice that someone gets is from a voice of experience. .... You may want to make sure that your sales people are aware of this for future reference...
Posted by T on 2010-11-18:
It was nice for the company to respond, and offer to attempt to make it up to you.

One of the things that puts you at a disadvantage is shopping when you desperately need a car. No, you had not control over that. The salesperson should not have focused on your boyfriend if you were the customer - sadly this sounds sterotypical. The salesperson should have kept in mind your maximum budget instead of assuming you would pay whatever it cost.

Good luck with the new vehicle.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-18:
Mistakes happen. But I commend the dealership, or at least the Customer Service Manager, on their attempt to fix the problem. I would hope that is included in the message you are going to be passing on to friends and family. To make a mistake and simply do nothing about it, would be a totally different story.

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