Jetsoft (Scanhelp) Complaint - They take you money and then when software doesn't want to activate, they are nowhere to be found

Review by Rich Piotrowski on 2010-11-22
This company's website, which has a very dated look which is inself a red flag, but they the "art-Copy software trial program they let you download does work. The problem with them is their system which seems to be run on autopilot as far as I can tell, has no problem taking you money for the full version. Its after they take yor money that the problems begins. You have to go through this complicated maze of steps once ytou purchase it. First, they send you a link to what looks to be a newer version of the software. After downloading that, it asked you for the "password". OK fine that was included in the email they sent. But then it says you have to "activate it". OK that link takes me to a webpage to fill out, then I have to wait 5 minutes until it emails me back a mile long activation number. You cut and paste and then what... nothing. It says you have a limited version, which was worse then the free downloaded version I had it that it has these crazy watermarks all over what I scan. Their web based help section gives a three sentence answer to what to do it it doesn't activate, which could be summed up as "rinse later repeat" as it repeats the installation instructions I guess telling you to re-install it, do this do that get the code ... and so on. I try that 6 more times, each time doing something different. At this point I think I've tried just about everything short of wiping my hard drive clean! But as I said I don;t know if there is anything other then a webserver at this place set to run o its own as no one ever gets back to you. As of this point, I'll just have to contact my CC company to get a refund.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-22:
Why do they call it "soft"ware when it is often hard?
Posted by Kenneth on 2010-11-22:
If tin whistles are made of tin, what is a fog horn made out of?
Posted by Rizzle on 2013-04-18:
If mouses are mice, then houses should be hice.

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