Skoreit.com Complaint - Have you had similar experiences with Skoreit.com

Review by anac8177 on 2010-11-23
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I recently had an experience with skoreit.com, an online auction site that, in my opinion, is misrepresented to the buying public and is a very successful money pit. (I'd suggest using great caution)

To that end I sent them the email below and of course it wasn't answered.

Has anyone had a similar experience with them?

to skoreit.com

I am extremely disappointed in your site. At first I was excited, that this could be a fun site to be part of but I soon learned that skoreit.com is nothing more than a gambling site. It is based on the old power cycle where he who amasses enough “chips” controls the table and not on the true notion that the ‘highest bidder wins’.

Over a five day period I lost over 500.00 dollars at your “tables” and quickly learned that although your site advertises ‘fair bidding’ and that the auctions are like the real ones where the bidding stops when the ‘players’ lose interest is anything but true.

The average ‘bidder’ is very unaware that the end is pretty much determined before the auction really even begins. In one case, on an item I was bidding one, another bidder placed over 468 bids on the same item, through the “bid agent”, making it impossible for others to compete especially since we were blind to the power (chips) that bidder had in front of him/her. In this case, your servers pretty much knew the outcome before it was over.

I also learned that the highest bidder DOES NOT Win the ‘hand’. In fact I had bids ready to go in on items that ‘sold’ for less than I wanted to bid because I didn’t have enough chips to cover every penny throughout the entire bidding process. The bids never reached my bid and stopped before my bid agent would have started so, in fact, the item went to the most powerful player not the highest bidder. This happens on a regular basis forcing bidders to spend tons more money to buy ‘chips’.

In other cases I also learned that you’re going twice button pretty much locks you out UNLESS you have a ‘bid agent’ working. Understandably your goal is to run as many bids as possible and you do everything you can to entice the ‘player’ to use the bid agent and buy as many ‘chips’ as they must to compete; bUT if I wish to watch the ‘hand’ instead, using the normal auction Lingo, I never have a chance to beat the bid agent by pressing going twice. In a couple of cases, when I had the last and winning bid and the countdown went through its process, going once, going twice .. 5 seconds … etc … my bid agent bet against my own bid, restarting the clock and getting other bidders.

I am quite disappointed that ESPN decided to carry your ads as I think they are deceiving and I will let them know my opinion on skoreit.com as I will on other consumer sites. I realize you are in this to make money but it could be run more fairly and not so much like a gambling site.
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Posted by anac8177 on 2010-11-30:
Here's a great example. Skoreit.com recently had an auction Number 23223 for an IPAD 16GB retailed at 499.99. There were 10,653 bids with the winning bidder winning the bid at $232.94 cost ... BUT with all those bids skoreit.com EARNED $6,817.92 for that IPAD. Nice profit HUH! No where on the sit edoes it say that. Instead they would have advertised that the winner got that IPAD for $106.53 which isn't true. Add in the bidders cost of bids and the real total is $232.94.

Honest business?

Posted by FrankG on 2011-07-11:
They also lead you in with auctioning bid packs. They say that the bid pack has a. Retail value of $75.00, but if you spend 50 bids to win that 120 bids for $2.00, your bids are only given a value of $2.00/120 or $0.0163 per bid. So if you lose an auction and bid a120 bids there buy today option gives you a $2.00 credit. If they claim a retail value shouldn't all the bids have that value. I wrote them about this and of course they did nothing. When is a class action law suit starting against these underhanded gambling sites that are advertising themselves as fair and legit?

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