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Review by madurrag@LorainCounty.com on 2001-10-17
LORAIN, OHIO -- Dear Sirs,
Today I filed a complaint at your hospital for the treatment three of your nurses did to my daughter and grandaughter doing there stay in your hospital.The person I was giving to explain what happen acted as if it just could not be true,but it is.We belive they treated her the way they did because she was heavy,black,and young.
How would you feel if you went to visit your grandchild and found matted up dry blood in the back of her hair.That tells me she was not bathed right.How could they leave all that blood in her hair for so many hours.
When I ask about it they could only say we washed her up,and sometime it takes a few days for the blood to come out of the hair.I took a damp towel and it came right out.
I was not trying to hear it then and I am not trying to hear it now.I want some answers as to why they treated them that way and why they did not get all the blood out of my baby hair.They did not deserve to be treated that way,and the black nurse that called her the name was really out of place,she called her something like,bigbear,bigbaby,bigteddybear one of the names,I just looked at her. They had no concerns for my daughter who had just had a baby taken out of her body,and she was in a lot of pain,I know I was there.The one nures said you have to move yourself because we don't want to hurt our backs.They let her get off the table and into the bed alone,as if they did not want to touch her.The blonde nurse, if looks could kill my daughter would have been dead,they were trying to rush her so they could go do what they always do, nothing.I ask one nurse to come help me with my daughter and she said I will be right back I'm trying to help a mother feed her baby.I had to give my daughter a bedbath,was she offered one no.And why did it take from 11:12p until 1:30a for them to clean her up after she was born?
Because I HAD to help life her up,and my back is no good as it is,when I got home that night I had to double up on my pills because I was in so much pain. They would not come in and empty her bedpan,they told us to do it and let them know how much was in the pan,that was done to us twice,now you tell me what's wrong with that picture.
Everyone has a right to be treated with respect,and the same as they treat other people,they took that right from us and they treated us like we were nothing to them at all.I need answers and I need them right away.
I know they are going to denie what we have said but the Lords knows it is true.Also why was a bloody bed pad and a bloody towel left in the room on the trash can?
We will be waiting for your answers.
Thank You

Ms.Mary A.Durrah/Ms.Carlotta Y.Windham
Ms.Christina Shelby Windham

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

At this time answers,will think about this and get back with you if we feel we should take it forward.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by minx on 2004-11-30:
Maybe you should stay with your daughter the next time she goes in the hospital, I instruct all my relatives to have someone stay with them. I worked in a hospital as a nurse and can tell you everything you had happen to you is because of understaffing, the same administrators that will give you an apology & bless out the nurses will not let us have more nurses to solve these problems. How I would love to help each patient with all their needs, but at the time I might be helping one, 10 others call out for help. I am sure they acted rushed, because they were. By the end of the day you have admitted 16 patients and discharged, all with needs that family members do not want to help with. Not to mention you better have that chart right!!!! I give my pateints pet names bacause I like them. I try to let them tranfer themself to help get them up and going. Having a baby is an 24 hour stay, the mother must be up taking care of that baby before she leaves that station. I one time had a family member bless me out because I was running down the hall with a red crash cart to save a patient coding (we saved her), & would not stop and put his mom on the toliet. I got wrote up for being rude but, I would have been fired if I would have stopped- its called nurses judgement.
Its a very hard job but with ups and downs, but we love it. God bless you
Posted by SMelly on 2006-09-27:
I feel terrible about what happened to you and your family. I am going to school to be a Registered Nurse and I just finished reading a book called "Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul". I understand what the woman above is saying about how busy and stressed nurse's get, but when you decide to become a nurse, you take on that responsibility of doing whatever it takes to make your patients feel at ease. I don't care if they were understaffed...what does that have to do with them not taking five minutes out of their time to change a bed pan, or wash the blood off of her neck? In the book, there are hundreds of nurses with stories where they were understaffed and they just did what they had to do. It IS possible to make things work with so few people if you really try...I don't care what anyone says!!

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