Plano 75024 Walmart Complaint - Worst Customer Service

Review by SusanB1949 on 2010-11-28
PLANO, TEXAS -- I live within walking distance of the Walmart in zip code 75024 but I have given up on shopping in that store. I've complained to the manager and assistant managers numerous times over the years to no avail regarding the lengthy wait times in the check-out lanes and the fact that only the minimum number of lanes are open at any given time. It doesn't matter what day of the week or what time of day I shop in that store - the very minimum number of lanes are open. Check-out lines will be backed up 8-15 people deep. Spending 25-30 minutes waiting to check out is not unusual. The self-service lines are a joke, too. In the meantime, I occasionally shop at the Parker Road/North Texas Toll Road store and NEVER have to wait an unusual length of time in line. Additionally, the employees are friendly and smile - unheard of at the 75024 store.

My most recent complaint to one of the front end managers was met with some excuse about not being able to get reliable employees; however, there is only about 7 miles between the two stores. Why can one store manage to obtain adequate staffing and another cannot? I suspect it has to do with the management of the stores. Or...is the store manager's annual bonus attached to salaries? One has to wonder.

Bottom line for me...Target is right down the street or I can shop the ads for other grocery stores. My time is valuable and not worth the savings I might get at Walmart. And, I suspect, as the economy improves others will follow me. I'm done with Walmart.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-28:
Excellent review. Very perceptive. I agree with every word. This is one of the reasons I refuse to shop at Walmart.

Your name suits you.
Posted by olie on 2010-11-28:
I agree that the management is likely the reason for "unreliable employees". I've worked for awesome supervisors and horrible ones. It's a lot easier to feel "sick" if you know that you're working with a jerk that day.

To show the other side, though, 7 miles can be a HUGE commute when you have to walk or ride a bike or make the bus. Or when your ride is unreliable, or your own car is a clunker.

Milwaukee and Madison are my closest "big cities". 7 miles can be the difference between kids who are working for spending money and kids who are working to help pay the rent and heat.

You state that you are within walking distance of the first Wal-Mart. What is the socio-economic status of others who live within walking distance? Some minimum-wage workers have unreliable child care or a sick child or their own medical needs, and their jobs don't offer paid sick leave or affordable insurance. A worker might have to choose between going to work for 7 bucks an hour and leaving a child--even a healthy child--home alone.

Posted by SusanB1949 on 2010-11-28:
Olie, you make some very good - even excellent! - points. However, both Walmart's are in similar areas in terms of socioeconomics although the "good" Walmart area probably has a higher household annual income than "my" Walmart area. And there, I believe, lies the problem. People in that area would not tolerate waiting in line 30+ minutes to buy $50 worth of merchandise. They, like all of us, like to save money but if the service isn't there, they can easily afford to move right on down the street. Whatever...I just know I've reached my limit. My money is too hard to come by and my time is even harder to come by. If I'm going to spend either commodity with a merchant, I want that merchant to at least act as if he/she appreciates my business.
Posted by Skye on 2010-11-28:
This is one of the many reasons why I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago. It does not matter what time of day you go, the lines never end, and the fact Walmart is a junk store, with the worst food selections. And no matter what Walmart I would stop at, they always had a funny smell to them, like rotting fruit, and I'm talking about new Walmart stores that had just been built.

Nice review.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-29:
Just what IS that smell? It's always there, some times worse than others. I can't put my finger on it. Even after being freshly remodeled, the store never feels clean.

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