Brock Bunge of BRB Home Improvement Complaint - Brock Bunge of BRB Home Improvement ***Homeowner Beware***

Review by VMKrampitz on 2010-12-03
LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA -- Brock (BRB Home Improvement) built a patio cover for me. Brock was polite & professional at first. After I started to point things out that were done wrong, he didn't seem happy to fix them. He had "toe-nailed" the rafters into the 4x10 beams, but his angles were incorrect and more than half of the nails didn't even penetrate the beam. He seemed frustrated when I asked him to use Strong Ties to attach the blocking to the beams, even though I showed him where the plans called for them.

He (or his assistant) also damaged/dented my swamp cooler. When I confronted him, he admitted seeing it, but didn't show any indication that he was going to tell me about what happened. That showed me a lack of integrity. He did knock the dent out and I was satisfied with the repair.

When he laid the tiles on the roof he only fastened the bottom half. When I asked him to fix it he didn't want to. He finally fixed the tiles after I told him I would not give final payment unless they were fixed. The city inspector wrote on the final inspection that the tiles must be fastened prior to being signed off. So, Brock finally agreed to fasten them. (Brock continually made it a point that he knew the inspectors by name. When the inspectors asked who was building the patio, I told them, and they had no clue who he was. Nonetheless, they informed me that the tile installation did not meet building code and that the builder had to make the necessary corrections before they would pass it).

I also had to have him re-seal the flashing against the house, because there were several spots that were not even sealed completely. The final product included a upper layer of tiles that weren't straight, the rake (edge) tiles weren't straight, they were all curvy when you looked at the roof edge straight on. I had to re-install the rake tiles and cut the top tiles because they weren't installed straight, and they weren't butted up properly which can result in leaks. My final opinion of Brock is that he will cut corners if he thinks nobody will find out about it. I would not recommend his work.

A little bit about me: I am an 11 year veteran of the US Armed Forces. A good part of my time in the service was as a Quality Inspector. I don't think Brock counted on me getting on a ladder and double-checking his work.

Bottom line: I ended up spending several days micro-managing, and fixing what he did wrong. I ended up sitting on the roof and while he re-laid the tiles. Isn't that why you pay someone to do the work?, so you can be doing more important things like spending time with family??? I am going to be posting an article about my experience online with detailed photos. They will be available via a Google search using Brock Bunge, or BRB Home Improvement. Actual photos can be seen at:


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