Indiana/Kentucky Lotteries (scratch-off tickets) Complaint - Fraud regarding lottery scratch-off tickets

Review by gregory29 on 2005-03-21
Ever notice that All lottery scratch-off tickets have a serial number? A few months ago, I asked the Kentucky Lottery spokesperson what would prevent a Lottery software department person from going in their computer to find where the winning (serial-number) scratch-off tickets had been sent to and then sending a friend into that
store to buy the whole stack; I know I would sure
spend $600 to get a $20,000 winning scratch-off!

The reply I received from the Ky. Lottery official was an indignant "How dare you question our integrity" along with "We take extraordinary
security measures".

Guess what? Less than two months later, one of the TOP OFFICIALS of the Indiana Hoosier Lottery was CONVICTED of doing exactly what I was wondering about...that is, he looked into their
computer, found out what store had the winning
MILLION DOLLAR SCRATCH-OFF, then sent an accomplice into that store to purchase the whole
stack. He was caught, but that information was
not released to the public until six months later! Those people who had bought these $20
scratch-offs did NOT get refunds, even if they had held on to their losing tickets.

I'm guessing the Lottery people do let a few big
winners out to make it look legit, but I'd bet my
life most of the big winners are somehow won by
Lottery Officials friends, I.e. Partners In Crime.

Be forewarned. Also, if this keeps even one consumer from wasting their money, I'll feel really good.

I'm guessing there is some corruption at CASINOS, too. Does anyone out there know how THEY do their swindling?
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Posted by tander on 2005-03-21:
Interesting, I never thought of that
Posted by R. H. on 2013-04-29:
I conducted several experiments in several stores to prove a point. I bought all ranges of tickets from $1 to $20. I stayed on the same roll of tickets, bought 7-20 tickets in a rolI, bought on every day of the week and all times of the day. The lottery is a way to get your money and that's it. The odds of you winning does not and WILL NEVER be what they CLAIM the odds of winning, on the back of those tickets. Scratching several tickets with no winners or a free ticket is the Lotteries way of LEGALLY stealing your money. Research for yourselves to see where all of that money is going, the money that you spend for the "free" and "non-winning" tickets that are bought every day. Somebody is making A LOT OF MONEY and I would bet it's not you.

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