Martin Direct & Ontrac Overhead Door Company Inc Complaint - Excessive Fee & Martin Don't Stand By Their Life Time Warranty

Review by imperial357 on 2010-12-08
BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA -- I am writing to trust link to complain about the accounting and servicing and usual scam on my Life time warranty charges and my need for understanding and clarification of various charges, credits, debits, transactions, reversals, actions, payments, analyses and records related to the servicing of my Martin Garage opener from its origination to the present date. MARTIN DIRECT 7422 walnut ave, buena park ca 90620 (714) 739 6500. The warrant number they place on the garage opener is a rippoff. Please send copies of all my bills, history and payments made to Martin garage openers where they said I would have a life time warry at no charge Now a different story with excessice fees. BEWARE. Crappy installation.
To date, the documents and information I have, that they presented at time of installation, and the conversations with your service representatives cannot answer my many questions with service plan and usages of excessive fees.
It is my understanding that your company has been accused as engaging in one or more excessive charges and servicing schemes. As a citizen, I am extremely concerned about such practices by anyone, let alone my own Martin garage/ontrac overhead door company or anyone who has held a beneficial interest in my billing accounting for services. I am concerned that such abuses are targeting the uneducated and uninformed consumer and disadvantaged, poor, elderly and minorities.

Needless to say, I am more concerned as an alleged consumer. I am worried that potential fraudulent and deceptive practices by unscrupulous excessive billing charges; service fees of ontrac overhead door company servicing rights; deceptive and fraudulent billing practices to enhance balance sheets; deceptive, abusive and fraudulent accounting tricks and practices.
Because of this and other reasons that leave me to believe that I may be a victim of predatory excessive charges, I am disputing the validity of the current Ontrac billing you claim I owe. By billing statements I am referring to the principal balance claimed owed; my calculated monthly bill, calculated excessive charges payment on my bill and any fees claimed to be owed by you or any trust or entity you may represent.

I have reason to believe that the my billing cycle terms were misrepresented to me at the time of monthly statements and further obscured and/or modified prior to signing. I also have reason to believe that certain billing statements were not provided for my approval prior garage malfunction DEC 2010. It is also my belief that certain accounting may have not been presented at all.
To independently validate my debt, I need to conduct a complete exam, audit, review and accounting of my Ontac & Martin Garage Openers account from its inception through the present date. Upon receipt of this letter, you need respond to each of my requests.

I also request that you kindly conduct your own investigation and audit of my account since its inception to validate the debt you currently claim I owe. I would like you to validate my billing charges so that it is accurate to the penny!

Please do not rely on previous or current servicers or originators records, assurances or indemnity agreements and refuse to conduct a full audit and investigation of my account.

I understand that potential abuses by Ontrac/martin garage service excessive fees servicer could have deceptively, wrongfully, unlawfuly and/or illegally added extra charges to my bill for added garage service is a ripoff. Will publish my reports to make aware that your company is a popular rip off!
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Posted by Alain on 2010-12-09:
While I am sorry to hear of your difficulties, it might be helpful to summarize the problem rather than give us all the legal (?) details.
Posted by idontthinkso on 2010-12-09:
This is hard to follow. Did they overcharge you on a service plan? Is there a misunderstanding on a bill? The post is an obvious cut and paste from a complaint letter. Perhaps simply making a post for us next time?
Posted by imperial357 on 2010-12-09:
I installed a garage door from Martin Direct $1040, asked about my warranty, the installer said Martin Garage dire has a life time warranty there is no out pocket cost. After my garage door malfunction the service dude came fix the problem the 3 days later I got a bill for 89.99 for service.
This is my concern of excessive billing.They not living up there warranty.
Posted by T on 2010-12-09:
These follow-up details, provided in a few sentences, I found far more easy to understand. I didn't see any of these details in the complaint, and I had no idea what the issue is.

If you used this follow-up as a starting point, and added correspondence/discussions you have had around it, it would be very effective.

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