carry concealed weapons law Complaint - I oppose the CCW Law!

Review by mjholly on 2005-03-23
I am opposed to tyhe carry concealed weapons law in Ohio and other states. That law will make our violent crime rate go higher by allowing people to take the law into their own hands. for example, many women will end up shooting men who are convicted sex offenders who were released from jail and are turning their lives around. There will also be women whooting and killing men who raped them or abused them and men who molested and killed their children instead of calling the police. There will also be women who will end up shooting their cheating husbands and boyfriends and pleading self-defense to convince the juries to acquit them. Just look at Sharron Redmond in Savannah, Georgia! That evil beauty queen shot and killed her chetaing boyfriend kevin Shorter just because he was with another woman. She claimed he threatened her with a gun but he had no gun on him. Unfortunately, the stupid jury buyed her self-defense excuse and let her off the hook. She killed an innocent man and got away with it! Also, the concealed weapons law will allow genocide to occur in Ohio and other states. America will end up just like Bosnia, Israel, Sudan, Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, or some other country with massacres, ethnic cleansing, and terrorist attacks if we allow people to carry concealed weapons. Women will shoot and kill their cheating boyfriends and husband then cry self-defense or battered women's syndrome and end up being acquitted just like Sharron Redmond, redneck KKK whites in the south will go around killing blacks, and so forth on. We cannot allow people to take the law into their own hands and the CCW law is allowing people to do just that.
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Posted by tander on 2005-03-23:
I don't oppose it, I think its alright to shoot sex offenders and people who do crimes against children.
Posted by generic user on 2005-03-23:
I don't understand why you are so worried about a woman protecting herself from a rapist. This would be a good thing
Posted by virginiasoreback on 2005-03-23:
Your haranguing indictment of the legalization and enabling of the privilege to carry concealed small firearms in the State of Ohio, and some other states, would find support, I suspect, among many law enforcement authorities.

But, your passionate rejection of this privilege is objected to in the most extreme terms.

You craft, seeming, exaggerated scenarios to buttress your argument in opposition to carry; by pushing many of the "hot buttons" to temper your argument: sex offenders, rapists, rape victims, Blacks, the KKK, et al; etc.

I wanted, even pined for, the opportunity to "carry concealed" (especially when making deposits or withdrawals at ATMs) but, after being given the option I've lost my sense of urgency to carry. It could be that I don't want to take the mandatory 12 hours of preparatory lessons to qualify for a license; in Ohio; especially after the effort and expense put in by our military to help me acquire marksmanship skills; including safe handling.

In the vernacular of the street; lower the temperature: “Ch’ll.”

Posted by AZJEM on 2005-03-24:
You seem to focus on "only women" shooting. Are you parinoid? Believe me, if someone comes into my home, they mean to do something bad and I intend to protect myself and my family. I can't do that with a rolling pin. The only thing laws will do is keep the honest ones from protecting themselves and the violent ones will still be doing the same old thing. shooting the unprotected. Trust me, these criminals don't usually attend gun safety courses or wait the legal waiting period before they buy a gun.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-03-24:
KKK is not just in the South. Nice of you to stereotype everyone. America is not a 3rd or 2nd world Country. We have laws. If you don’t like the laws then do something to change them.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-03-24:
Rapist, Child rapist and molesters should be castrated and put in prison or work camps for the rest of their lives.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-03-24:
Do you know you can walk down the street in Texas carrying a rifle and it’s legal? What about your State?
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-03-24:
You seem to be on the SEX OFFENDERS side = are you one? Really do you think anyone can change a rapist or a molester? Answer = NO. Can you change a homosexual not to be gay? Answer = NO.
Posted by mjholly on 2005-03-25:
I do not condone sex offenders. I however do not condone people taking the law into their own hands. Murder is against the law, even if it is a woman killing the man who raped her or molested her children. Remember the 10 Commandments Thou shall not kill. All Americans have rights, even sex offenders. That is what the law states. That is why we have police, courts, juries, and jails. If we allow people to take the law into their own hands by shooting sex offenders and other criminals, they will be just as bad as the criminals themselves. the homicide rate will go up and this country will end up just like Israel, Sudan, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Iraq.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-25:
Funny, states that have passed CCW laws, there violent crime has decreased. I guess this is yet another unsupported claim that you have been known for.
Posted by upsman on 2005-03-25:
Has this person been smoking crack????? I strongly suspect there is a hidden agenda here. It has been proven that when a concealed weapons law goes into effect there is a dramatic drop in crime in that area. Anyone doubting this can go to the NRA website and read numerous accounts of how this has happened. It is a fact that guns don't kill people, people kill people!!!
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-03-25:
It's stupid people with guns killing people who obtained the guns illegally. NRA.org
The 10 commandments is a religious idea, to give people rules when they lacked laws.
Our laws lack now, sex offenders, child molesters and rapist keep getting out to offend again. You can’t change them they are predators and that’s what they do. If that guy Couey was stopped and not released or at least castrated they would not be burying that little girl in Florida or any other children or adults.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-03-25:
Thou shall not kill = what about Terri Schiavo = legally starving someone to death.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-03-25:
If your rapist / child molesters / sex offenders obeyed the laws we would not have this post or conversation.
Posted by tander on 2005-03-25:
mjholly, you have children?
Posted by mjholly on 2005-03-26:
You may condone people taking the law into their own hands but I do not. I have no children but I do not like child molesters and rapists. However, I believe they belong in a maximum security prison, not dead shot and killed on the streets by a vigilantic rape victim or parent. Vigilantic crimes only makes crime worse in this country.
Posted by mjholly on 2005-03-26:
And instead of praising people who take the law into their own hands, maybe you should press for tougher laws on sex offenders and write to your legislators, telling them that sex offenders should get mandatory life in prison without parole. that is a perfect alternative to using violence. In fact, child molesters in some states do get life in prison for their crimes.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-03-30:
If people thought they received proper representation through the courts and by our laws, we would not have vigilantes. Also people who have emotional and physical scars and not treated – then some freak out and seek justice the only way they know how. It’s always a 2-sided street.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-03-30:
I do not condone people taking the law into their own hands. I condone laws that keep these predators locked up for the rest of their lives and away from people and children.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-31:
Dear MJ, all those things you talk about are happening already. Live life, don't just read about it. Guns are like insurance and we all need that in some form. There is a town in Florida that gives out C.C.W. permits within the law fairly easily and the crime rate is very low. Gun control debates are so tired. You and tax carry on.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-07:
I condone the American right to protect myself.
Posted by Gravel Girty on 2005-04-19:
I'd at least try to kill anyone who tried to rape me. Whether it was with my bare hands or a weapon. Anyone that would do that is looking to die.

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