Seeger Toyota of St. Robert, MO Complaint - Scare Tactics by the service department of Seeger Toyota in St. Robert, MO

Review by stevo_5555 on 2010-12-13
ST. ROBERT, MISSOURI -- My mom took her Toyota Avalon in for a recall in November 2010. While there this guy from the service department. I think his name was Billy Woods. Reason I'm unsure well I'll get to that part. After the recall part was fixed. Billy scares my mom by saying her tires are shot. Now I'm not saying they were new tires by any means. But this guy was going into great details about how she could have a blowout and wreck her car. Now my mom doesn't know a lot about cars so she just said ok to a new set. Then once into it he claims several of the lug nuts were crossed threaded and had to be cut off. Now I know thats not true because I had put on a set of new brake pads all around. And I don't have the powerful impact wrench to put them down that tight cross threaded. Plus I'm VERY careful about that kind of stuff. So then when mom tells me about this. I call up our tire shop we use. And I'm quoted about half the price for the tires that Seeger charged for the exact same tires.

So needless to say I'm pretty angry that they did that to my mom. So I call down there and talk to someone. I'm assuming its Billy Woods. Dont know though because as soon as I say why did you use scare tactics on my mom. He starts cussing and yelling at me. So I say ok fine if that how you want to be. I say I'm going to report this dealership to Toyota and the BBB. So I ask his name and he says this. "Do what you got to do. Makes no difference to me." So I say fine but give me your name so I can report you specifically. And he dances around to avoid telling me. So he knew he was in the wrong. So I report them to Toyota HQs. Which I have to say was very helpful. Didnt get my money back but I didn't think I would. Then I call Seeger Toyota In St Louis to talk to the main boss. Just so he knows what kind of service manager or whoever since they wouldn't tell me there name, that they have at there St Robert dealership. This guy didn't yell and scream at me and so I respect that part. But still he backed up his service manager more or less.

I know it sure would be nice if it was safe to send someone like my mom for service and know that they were treated with respect. Instead of scaring her since she doesn't know a lot about cars. I just hope this saves someone else out there from similar incidents. If it does then maybe some good comes out of it. Good luck out there and I highly recommend avoiding Seeger Toyota of St Robert.

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