Collard Heating & Air Conditioning Complaint - Collard Heating & Air Conditioning Con Artists

Review by RG1 on 2010-12-14
HERRIN, ILLINOIS -- I have a 3 zone hot water boiler system heating my home. The zone valve controlling hot water to the upstairs was stuck shut and we were not getting any hot water upstairs. I called Collard Heating & Air Conditioning. Just picked them out of the phone book. They were courteous on the phone and were able to send some one to my house that day, December 8th 2010. There was no mention of payment of a fee to inspect the boiler. The guy comes out and confirms my suspicions about the zone valve being stuck. He looks at the whole system and is at my home for less than 30 minutes and states that we owe him $103.00. I am stunned. He claims that the person answering the phones was supposed to inform me of the fee which consists of a $70.00 service fee on top of $70.00 an hour rate. I tell him that is ridiculous and that I was informed of no such thing. He apologies and says there is nothing he can do about it. I call the service desk and am told that is just the way it is and that not many people have complained about it before. I reluctantly write a check. It is cold upstairs, where our bedrooms are, and extremely cold weather was coming in the coming weekend. I tell them I wanted to converse my concern over the fee. I tell them I still need an estimate because I need it fixed and we liked the guy who came out. They say they have to contact their boiler supplier and before I can get an estimate. I wait. And wait. I call every day and am told they can't find it through their normal suppliers and are trying alternate routes. I explain my house is cold upstairs. They seem indifferent. I call the following Monday and Tuesday with no luck. I am being put off. I look the parts up online and find immediately. It has been 6 days since they service guy has been out. My wife called another place in our town, Marion, IL 62959, and they have them in stock. This new place, Baker & Sons, explains we may be able to force it open with a hammer and screw driver and some careful whacks at it. In about 5 minutes we have it open and hot water returned upstairs. We bled the air out and it works like new. Collard Heating & Air Conditioning is all about the exploitation of their customers with poor customer service. There are plenty of Heating and Air Conditioning companies in Southern Illinois. Collard Heating & Air could have done what we did on the service man's first trip out and he chose not to. They are con artists and scammers. I highly recommend using another company and save yourself lots of time and money.

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