CPI Informative - Worst ran company ever!

Review by XKE18 on 2010-12-16
I am sure that by this review any one can tell that I have worked for this company at one point in time or another. I have to say that this company is the worst I have ever herd of. Not only do they own portrait studios, that are ran the worst way I have ever seen a company ran before, they also own a few Nursing homes as well. This kind of concerns me.
This company is only concerned with money. They have no concern for any of their employees! Employees are treated less the standard! They have Goals that are made impossible to meet and the photographers are HIGHLY unpaid for the amount of work they have to do in one day. Some employees have not even been paid for some of the time they have spent working.
If customers are having problems with any of the employees not having good customer service maybe they should ask a good question to their self. What has made this person so unhappy?
We live in a world today that had been very hard for a lot of people to get jobs. There are a lot of people out of work. CPI Corp. has and is taken FULL advantage of this situation.
They are slave driving people and under paying them or not paying them at all! IF you were to ask me I would never, NEVER send any one their way. Good customer service should start from the top! If the employees are not being treated well then what does the public expect?
Just a little bit of "inside info" for the general public, Picture me, Sears, and Kiddie Kandid's photo Studios have a $7.99 or $3.99 deal for one pose with multiple pictures, It waves your session fee as well. All you have to do is come in and take advantage of it. If we sell to many of those and we do not up grade it some how then we get FIRED for not having a good sales average! If I were a customer I would boycott the hole operation. If I were some one that had a parent or grandparent that is in a Nursing home owned my CPI I would look further in to how they are being treated. Sorry CPI But your the WORST company I have ever seen in MY LIFE! Nothing like burning bridges and you continue to do it even after the law suits! When are you going to learn?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-16:
The customer is not the reason for the unhappy employee according to your complaint, and the employee's moods should not be taken out on the customers. Unhappy employees need to work with the company to resolve happiness issues or look elsewhere for the utopian job.

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