Comcast: Number one fraud company Complaint - Comcast : A big fraud : Never ever take service from them : They will charge you like hell

Review by gozi on 2010-12-21
Comcast poeople ate a total fraud. They will tell you that we are giving this offer and that offer and ultimately they will charge you everything they are cutting off .

I got a monthly package of TV and Internet for 45 $ .It was for unlimited use. Every month they started sending me bills much more than 45 $ every month and if I negotiate on the price they will cut it off that month but add the additional left amount (which they said as was added by mistake last month) in next month bill
Even once they called and said that they are giving holiday sale and will charge you only 30 $ for November and December. Soi paid about 64 $ for that thinking itis for two months. But they again send thebill for December for 45$ and they refused that they ever told us about that offer.
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Posted by T on 2010-12-21:
I really don't know what to say about this, except $45 for internet and cable sounds way too good to be true. As a stockholder in CMCSA, I'd be upset if they were giving that kind of deal for more than a few months to a new customer.

Other than that, when I sign up for services, I usually don't have to haggle later to get the price I agreed to pay. I'm sorry if that is happening to you.
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-12-21:
$45 is for internet only. this price is "if" you subscribe to cable channels. Their internet is not unlimited, they have a cap for standard users of about 250gb per month. comcast does offer unlimited internet, but at a much higher price. with all my internet use, i have never came close to the limit.
Posted by caspiansails on 2011-01-13:
I have had Comcast internet and cable for years and when I have had issues with billing it was taken care of with a call. Once I called back because the credit was off by six cents and the person on the phone thought I was being picky but I told her if I owed you six cents for a couple of months you would probably cut off service. Anyway I did have some bad issues a couple of years back and ended up writing an email to the Operations VP, received a call back from his Admin Asst the next day, had a real Comcast tech out the next day who did some real testing. He came back and said he was finding some equipment issues upstream at at least two locations and that they would be out the next day to check some more locations around the area and we may have a brief outage which did happen. Since then no issues. One has to wonder if they are doing proper maintenance and monitoring and why they did not know about the bad cards but in the end it was fixed.

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