Lee anns restaurant, Huntsville, al Informative - Heavily Smoked environment

Review by drus on 2010-12-24
HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- My co-workers had recently invited us to Lee Anns restaurant, Huntsville, AL for a Christmas time dinner. Initially It was hard to find this place after wasting 15 mts on Church street, as on Lee Anns website it doesn't say that it is located behind Bryant Bank. This Restaurant was too much crowded and heavily tobacco smoked. Other than music, food quality was not so great as compared to its high price. we had to wait longer for our meals to be served. They charged mandatory 20% gratuity in our bills in addition to Tips. After leaving this restaurant my cloths, hair smelled of tobacco. I would not recommend this place for non smokers.
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Posted by T on 2010-12-24:
There is a neat graphic that shows smoking bans by state at this link:
Note that Alabama is a strong believer in smokers' rights, and burying innocent bystanders. Happily, Pennsylvania passed a smoking ban in restaurants a few years ago. Too bad we can't get cell phones in cars banned. The legislators don't have the guts to even ban hand helds. I almost got hit head on by a guy yesterday who crossed into my lane, but I digress.

I'm going to consult this map when I decide which state to move to within the next two years.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-24:
Its against the law here in az to smoke inside any business.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-12-24:
Interesting, just do what I do when there is a gun buster sign....don't patronize the business and encourage your smokeless friends not to also. Though I agree with a smokeless environment, I don't think the gubment should tell a business they can't allow smoking in the business. The customer's can go elsewhere if they don't like it.
Posted by Johanna on 2010-12-24:
If a restaurant charged me a mandatory 20% gratuity, I'd be darned if I was going to put an additional tip on top of that, especially if it was a long wait for my food.
Posted by Skye on 2010-12-24:
We do not smoke, but I think it's ridiculous the government can tell a business not to allow smoking.

I understand how the OP feels, but I don't believe just because I don't smoke, does not mean other adults cannot.

I cannot stand places that charge an automatic gratuity. What if I was not happy with the service, I should be FORCED to pay a tip that was meant for excellent service?
Posted by biomajor on 2010-12-24:
I'm curious to know how many people were in your party? Usually the automatic gratuity is only for larger parties.
Posted by Skye on 2010-12-24:
Excellent point biomajor.
Posted by T on 2010-12-24:
The problem I had was restaurants that were no smoking that had bars that were smoking could not keep the smoke in the bar area. I had this happen at the three restaurants I frequented.

It was very frustrating to get 2/3 of the way through dinner, and then have wafts of smoke ruin the experience.

While people may not agree that the government should tell businesses what they can do, over 71% of the US population lives in an area with such a government-imposed ban. I remember working in a cubicle, and having to inhale my coworkers' smoke. That totally sucked. My business banned it years before the state enacted a law.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-12-25:
In the state of Washington, you can be cited for smoking within 20 feet of any door or window of any business. jkt, I found a sign that looks like the no gun sign, but has a message to criminals that the business has disarmed their customers to provide a safe environment for their criminal activities. I post it over their no gun sign. I also give the clerks cards that inform them I will follow their anti-gun policy by taking my business elsewhere.
Posted by azspots on 2010-12-27:
You CAN smoke in private clubs in Arizona....the American Legion, Moose, etc.
Posted by T on 2010-12-27:
Yes, private clubs are on a short list of exemptions in Arizona. The person above said "businesses" I believe.

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