Care Giver To Terri Schiavo Complaint - Help Terri Schiavo

Review by thepcdoctor on 2005-03-29
FLORIDA -- To Whom It May Concern:
I feel that you are making a mistake by allowing Terri Schiavo to die. You took an oath as a Care Giver or Doctor, and you must do everything in your power to preserve the lift of this woman. If a legal document does not exist which states her wishes then you must do everything in your power to preserve her life and the life of others. You cannot blame the husband for this, only yourself, because you are the caregiver. If you are afraid of legal matters, and this is keeping you from doing the right thing, then you need to hire an attorney!
Steven L. Holmes
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Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-03-30:
I do not think any one of us knows the real truth regarding Terri's dilemna! We all can only speculate... by what is written in the papers or on the news. Barbaric would be a good term to describe her fate! Personally, I believe the Doctors hands are tied, and at this point the decision lies with her husband!(I use that term loosely) From what I am reading and hear on the news it is in Gods hands now. Just pray that her return home is a happy one!
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-03-30:
Are you kidding? They HAVE hired an attorney you moron.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-03-30:
Posted by Phe on 2005-08-31:
I would hope that my husband would be so loving to me that he would be willing to let me go, even if it was painful to him, if it was obvious that I was not going to be happy or comfortable living anymore. Thank you, Michael Schiavo, for not being selfish.
Posted by disgruntled on 2006-04-23:
They starved her to death by withholding food and water. If I did this to my dog I would be arrested. If the quality of life of a person doesn't appear to be good then it's ok to kill them - that's crazy.
Posted by CantTrustAnyone on 2007-01-05:
Find out what really went on, and what caused her Hypokalemia.

Try going to

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