The Ginger People Compliment - Incredibly Delicious Ginger Candy

Review by 137634 on 2011-01-04
Shortly before Christmas, I was doing some last minute goodie shopping at Trader Joe's. Waiting in a (too long) line with my nephew, I tried to occupy myself by actually looking at the items placed near the checkout. Although I do not normally impulse buy, this product caught my eye.

The Ginger People's original Ginger Chews. Now, I am a huge fan of sugar. Really. I like to keep plenty around, in many different forms. Perhaps hoard it? I'm also a fan of ginger, so I figured, what have I got to lose?

Although I do not remember the price of this product, I do know, that since I am such a cheapskate, I would not have paid much, just to try something new.

Oh, such sweet, spicy heaven is the flavor of this candy. Soft, but not too soft, and just the right amount of ooomph from the ginger. The description on the bag says "sweet-hot soft ginger candy. Natural, stimulating and delicious." Perfect description.

I know I will be buying these again, and I'll check out their other products.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-01-04:
I bet these would taste great after a nice sushi dinner; nice review.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-01-04:
the asian culture enjoys it's pickled or candied ginger!!

very helpful.
Posted by Pepper on 2011-01-04:
i like ginger candy myself. especially when it's tart.
use to buy "ting ting" when i was in hawaii
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-04:
I've never had ginger candy, but I definately would like to try some!

Nice review.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-01-05:
I like ginger, too, and would definitely try these. I wish we had Trader Joe's around here.

PS: Sugar is always good.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-05:
Thanks, hothead. I do shop at Trader Joes and have not seen these. Since I am a lover of ginger too, I will have a look-see next time I'm there. In Singapore I haven't found anything along these lines, but I'm sure it's there somewhere! I also enjoy a good cup of ginger tea.

Ginger is also great for stomach distress. I found small packages of something called "Gin-gins" at World Market and they called it the traveller's medicine. Since I travel a lot, I bought some (of course). You never know when the stomach will act up when flying 16 hours!
Posted by Pepper on 2011-01-05:
and for sore throats. my bf said his mom would boil ginger to make a soothing drink when people were sick

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