Hibachi Complaint - Why make advanced reservations?

Review by Rockmerhonda on 2005-04-03
ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- As a tradition for the past 15 years or so our daughter wanted to celebrate her birthday at the "Hibachi" Japenese Restaurant in Erie, Pa. Though at times, we had been some - what disapointed in the service, it was never much to say "I would never come back", this experience has made me upset enough to tell the world!
Since we would be in town for Easter Dinner from Michigan, we had our daughter make reservations on the 22nd of March for the Sat. of the 26th. We arrived early with 2 senior parents, our twin 2 year old grandsons, our 7 year old granson,son-in-law,daughter{birthday girl} and ourselves. We talked with the hostess, and were told to wait as the 1st. seatings were still finishing up there dinners. As time ticked by, 15-25 and 30 min. and young people getting restless, we were told a table was clearing and would be ready soon, only to still wait amongst 50 other people fileing in for backed-up reservations. The area in which to wait is the smoking lounge side, not so appealling to the children and non-smokers in our group. The staff had yet to approach us with any apologies or good faith offers to hold us over or make our wait justified. We started asking about the time lapse now 45 min. since reservation time. And noticing a full roomready for seating for some time we again asked a staff person, who only speaks Asian...what's the problem here? They continually bowed heads smiled and said "I Sorry" and nothing else, At 55 min. after our set seating time enough was enough, we confronted a few staff to speak with some one who A. Spoke English
B. Could work out the problem, and seat us now.
C. Just gave a **** about the image they are reflecting on customer service.
As you can tell non of the above happened.
I find it hard to believe that this is the only time this has happened at this establish-ment,as we have had waits before. To think that they can get away with customer service so non-chalante, and compete with other establishments after making the customer feel that we are obligated to them is sad to see in a city that is trying to focus on "resort" style services. If customers let this go on just because they don't want to make issues, the image of Erie and the "resort" atmosphere they want to aquire will surley be put to the test.
With no apologies or attempts to keep us happy, we gladly left,with a few select statements, and notice of writing a copmlaint to a few sources.
We called ahead at prime dinner time to "Porters" a restord train station in Erie Pa. to get a table arranged for the large party, We would be dined with wonderful,tolerant,{twin 2 yr.olds!} professional, and timely service. {The dinner was very good as well.} I, would like to THANK "Porters" and the staff for a wonderful Birthday celebration for Donna. I hope we will enjoy many meals and entertaining times at the "Porters" establishment in the future.
To: The "Hibachi" in Erie, Pa. you had your days when the customers were priority, today, you seem to have forgotten how and why you have maintained so long. Our shrimp will be cought elsewhere now!
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Posted by tpebop on 2005-04-03:
I never knew asian was a language mybe you are a little bit racist
Posted by bill on 2005-04-04:
I found some parts of this complaint to be very racist.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-07:
Just leave and go somewhere else that is kid friendly.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-07:
People we are in America the national language is English. No other. And it’s annoying to Americans when people come here and don’t try to learn our national language. And it’s annoying in Texas that we pay taxes for bilingual education for illegal immigrants.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-08:
How do you know they were from Mexico tax? You show your ignorance and now prejudice on every post!!!
Posted by P.ness on 2007-05-16:
I'm racist ...so what ? big deal

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