Northstar Chevrolet Complaint - Don't know what we sell and despite abusing our customers, we make money

Review by whatsupatgm on 2011-01-09
Test drove a 2011 Equinox LS in Oct and loved it excepting the silver titanium cloth seats. They only had two equinox's and both had silver titanium so for the first time in 60 years, I ordered a vehicle from the factory. I chose cyber gray metalic exterior color and jet black cloth seats. The salesman repeatedly assured my wife and I that we would get jet black cloth. The sales manager also assured us that we were getting jet black. Nine and a half weeks later the dealer calls and said our vehicle was ready for pick up that afternoon. In the AM, I transfer ownership of my 2004 Chevy (purchased new from same dealer) to my grnaddaughter. I get to the dealer and my car is outside. I open the door and it has light titanium fabric instead of the jet black I ordered. I tell the salesman that this is not acceptable and he tells me to buy seat covers. He then remarks "do you want it or not." No! I don't want it. If I wanted light titanium I would have purchased the vehicle I test drove 9 weeks earlier. I ask to see a sales manager and he tells me that they will check with other dealers in trhe area in an effort to find jet black interior and call me that evening. The salesman calls and says the lS model only comes with light titanium. You would think that the salesman and his manager should have known that and advised me that I had to spend an additional $1200 to get the LT model with jet black seats which I would have gladly done especially when you get heated mirrors, roof rails, deep tinted glass etc with the LT package. But I didn't order an LT because I was assured a half dozen times that I was getting jet black fabric on the LS. The dealership offered a minimal price reduction if I accept the car and I had little choice other that accept since I sold my only vehicle earlier in the day. I advise the salesman that I will be the following morning to pick it up. When I arrive I inspect the vehicle and see that it does not have the all weather package installed that I had ordered as an option. Mr salesman tells me that I didn't order it but I could add it later. I insist that I ordered it and that the price was included in the purchase cost. The sales manager arrives and informs me that I had not ordered the mats and molded mud flap package but he tells the salesman to pull the dealer copy of the original order but they can't find it. I show him my copy which shows the $295 all weather package included. The car window sticker also showed the all weather package as a dealer installed option. They took it into the service bay while I waited. I complained to Chevrolet about the treatment I received and they offered oil chagnes and tire rotation for a year. WOW, $75 but I did not accept that generous offer because I wasn't going to be held responsible for bankrupting GM again. Go GM
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Posted by T on 2011-01-09:
You got shoved around and I bet they had a good laugh after you left. I had it happen once with an American car company. Ordered from the factory to get it just like I wanted. 10 weeks later I get something else. Pop up aftermarket sunroof instead of the factory one shown in my owner's manual, and cloth interior was the wrong color. Then it had a bad water leak at the windshield.

Screw me once, but don't expect to have your way with me a second time. That was my last American car, 18 years ago.
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-09:
Does your paperwork, show you requested black cloth? It's all about what the paperwork says, not the salesperson. They will verbally tell you anything to make a deal, but what counts is what is in writing, on all your paperwork.

What is this all weather package for $295.00?
Posted by David on 2011-01-09:
my brother bought an Equninox and couldn't be happier. Even though its frustrating working with dealers etc once you own the car I'm thiniking you'll really enjoy it. Most car dealers could order custom fit leather seat covers if you were inclined to do leather. They aren't slip covers and fit just like a leather interior would.
Posted by Thelma on 2011-01-10:
It sounds like the dealer screwed up the order and are now offering excuses so they don't get stuck with the car. Stand your ground and refuse delivery. Once you drive off the lot you bought it. It's outrageous that some car dealers are still trying these deceitful sales tactics. Maybe this is part of the reason why GM went bust and needed our tax dollars for a bailout.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2011-01-10:
Op-don't put seat covers on your seats, you have front seat side airbags in that vehicle, and seat covers will hinder the deployment of those airbags if they are ever needed in a crash. I'm surprised someone at the dealership advised you to do such a thing, well, not really I guess as they were trying to get you into a car :-)
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-10:
I would of refused delivery and cancelled the sale. Always treat car salespeople like a dog. You need to show them who is the boss. If you don't they will act like a dog and take what they can.
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-10:
Treating them like a dog would be a great thing for a car salesperson. So many of us love our dogs and they are family. So I guess we should treat them like family? I don't treat them like family, but I treat car salespeople with respect and never ever had a problem ordering and buying a new vehicle. We make sure everything is in writing on our contracts. That's just what a contract is, an agreement both parties sign. Nothing verbal holds water.

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