AVG-Computer Anti Virus Protection Complaint - Be Careful Using Overseas Service Companies

Review by shouldbebetter on 2011-01-12
TENNESSEE -- I recently had occasion to buy a service contract for my computer to provide service on anti virus protection...I chose AVG...My computer had so many problems after that, I had to take my computer to Best Buy to be serviced for viruses...Then a month later we lost our product key and had to have the computer sent to the manufacturer for service...When it was returned we had to redownload everything including the antivirus protection...We could not find out how to do this, so we tried to call AVG and got NO where....The only valid phone we could get thru was for YYOGI who told us they were authorized to represent AVG...They spoke very poor English and kept putting us on hold over and over...I have been through this before with other electronics companies...They immediately started trying to sell us a new package and never would or could not reinstall our product that still had months of service left on it...We sent an email to AVG and they responded that they do not communicate in email...

So we bought a new service software that is serviced in the US. I think our government should check into these overseas service reps..I am not sure that AVG didn't cause the problem to begin with...This has been a nightmare!...Not to even mention the trouble we had with HP and their overseas service agents....Somebody needs to intervene for the consumer.....
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2011-01-12:
You can download the free version of AVG yourself. That's what I use and I have had no problems. You do not need to pay for virus protection.
Posted by S on 2011-01-12:
Also, if you use Windows products there is a free product called Defender (by Microsoft). You can get it here:

Posted by fast327 on 2011-01-12:
I used Avast! at one time, however it allowed a Trojan to infect my machine. I downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials, which identified and quarantined the Trojan. MSE is a good program and it is free. Probably the same AV Sparticus is referring to.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-12:
I use MSE on my personal computers.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-01-12:
avast is NOT avg. they are two seperate software.

i have used avg pay version for years. i have never had any viruses or other malware.

one can trust avg. both the pay version and the free version.
Posted by MRM on 2011-01-12:
I dont use any security software on my Windows 7 as it is the most secure OS to date.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-01-12:
I think we all have our favorite security. Mine is Norton's (don't throw any rotten tomatoes) but mine is the commercial version which is not available from a website and is installed by a licensed computer retailer. I'm not really big on change if what I have works for me.

I have free offers for my MSN Premium Account and my Comcast Account but I just have stayed with what has worked for me in the past. It's one less thing I have to be concerned with.
Posted by leet60 on 2011-01-12:
..." I had to take my computer to Best Buy to be serviced for viruses..."

I can state, almost uncategorically, that 90% of the time you take your computer to the "geek squad" for issues, the first thing you will be told is "You have a virus". NO matter what the issue.

As for AVG, I use it exclusively, and have never had a single issue.
Posted by localgod on 2011-01-13:
We use AVG Free 2011 on the laptop (no problems) and Comodo on the desktop (AVG still does not play well with ITunes). I'm of the opinion that free anti-virus protection programs work as well, if not better, than the "pay for use" programs. Incidentally, AVG is based out of both the US and the UK, and use phone support out of the US and India; all told, three countries that utilize English as a first language and that have been speaking English for centuries. When did speaking English with a non-American dialect become broken English? As well, in this age where we ask government to stay out of our personal affairs, do we ask them to start monitoring corporations that provide certain services from overseas. If you do not appreciate their services, please find another provider, please keep the US government out of this business.

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