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Review by cuddlebug on 2011-01-12
I am a former employee for a very popular retail outlet. As a employee we ere expected to follow companies. And in doing so we taken a lot of abuse from customers who believe the customer is always correct and as a customer should be catered to...Let me give all you customers some good advise if you want a employee or a person to give you the respect you want then you should respect the employee and the way the company sets up there policy sometimes you customers forget that we are pepole to, we are mothers fathers sisters and brothers. All I am saying when you go into a store instead of acting like jerks trashing the stores letting your kids run around all over the place rember what come around goes around and we all have to live here.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-12:
Respect does go both ways and it'd be nice if customers and employees remembered that.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-01-12:
I think everyone needs to take life less seriously. Even if I had what I thought was a sour associate would I let it ruin my day? Heck no, who the hell cares?! Brush it off and deal with it. Complaining online isn't going to change that person.
Posted by localgod on 2011-01-13:
Yes, it's true, you will be treated as well as you treat others. It's abhorrent that individuals treat workers in the retail environment poorly under the premise that "I'm the customer, and you will do my bidding!". The OP has a point, to a point. Respect does run both ways, and there are persons that abuse the corporate/consumer relationship, on both sides. As the poster claims, the persons that have to clean your mess, pick up your leftovers, and generally kowtow to your whims are your family, friends, neighbors, etc. What a nice way to show those who work on the retail front lines everyday the same courtesy you show those you care about. You may find the retail associates much more flexible to your needs and requests. I have never turned away customers that are sincere and grateful for our help, I am only to happy to turn away those who have a sense of entitlement.

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