Two Fat Kids and a Grill Complaint - Two Fat Kids and a Grill is Disgusting

Review by whianderson on 2011-01-13
ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Two Fat Kids and a Grill is just that! Just two guys running a half ass business! My awful dining experience when I came through their door! I was greeted by no one when I entered the business, I thought where is the hostess or someone standing up here! I was soon greeted by a girl that was dressed up like a guy! baggy jeans with a dirty rag hanging, busted sneakers and a men's shirt! I'm then sat in a dirty booth that still had crumbs in the seat and drink marks on the table from a previous guest! The carpet was dirty and still had food on it and I seen a roach running across the floor trying to find food I guess! My coffee was disgusting so I asked for a water instead, come to find out the waitress told me the water comes from the faucet! The same faucet where the cooks put their dirty, greasy hands! Real nice! My food was no better, I had soggy french fries, a over cooked steak that I paid 15.50 for! When I say I want my steak medium, that means medium with some pink! Not burnt black that I can hardly cut and totally brown! I spoke with one of the owners to express some of my concerns and he came over to my table pouring sweat, smelling like a garbage truck and only made matters worst! He did nothing but make excuses for his kitchen staff and later said in the conversation that the guys working in the kitchen haven't worked as cooks before! Wow! I guess that's why none of the food I had tasted good and why my friends say the food isn't consistent in being cooked properly. I just laughed and said it is in a way..It's all made consistently awful! I would suggest TWO FAT KIDS IN A GRILL IF YOU WANT: ROACHES WITH YOUR FOOD, STEAK COOKED WRONG, SOGGY FRIES, WATER FROM THEIR DIRTY FAUCET AND MUCH MORE NASTY THINGS!! SAVE YOU MONEY AND GO ELSEWHERE!!!!! Please post this everywhere and save someone else from a awful experience!
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2011-01-13:
The name of this place is a turnoff. It doesn't sound like any place I want to eat at.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-13:
Why would you eat food at a place where you saw such deplorable conditions?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-13:
No door greeter? I can live with that. They may have been busy.

No clean tables? I can live with that too. Just wait for one to be wiped off.

The gender-bending dress attire of the server? I could live with that.

It's at the point in the "story" that you saw the roach, that I would have up and left the establishment. Period. Anything after that point, is the OP's fault for hanging around.
Posted by T on 2011-01-13:
If that is the name of the restaurant, I wouldn't eat there. Does this (dead) fly relate to your dining experience?
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-01-14:
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-14:
The name is absolutely gross.

Is the dead fly an appetizer choice?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-14:
The roach would have been enough to make me leave before I ordered any food
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-14:
Maybe two fat kids need a visit from two health department employees to inspect the establishment.
Posted by Inat on 2011-01-14:
98% of all restaurants have roaches; you just dont seem them or they have recently died from incredibly strong poisons.

Anyway, i would never eat at a restaurant with that name - they had poor marketing consultants.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-14:
Maybe it's just my wacky sense of humor, but I think the name is awesome! I checked out their menu and they have a few items I wouldn't mind trying:

However, if this establishment is as you described it, I'd like to know what the health dept had to say when you reported it.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-14:
Inat, I'm sure most restaurants have roaches. But, if I see them, I'm outta there. It's like any of the gross stuff that I'm sure goes on behind the scenes at restaurants. I don't want to know about it.

JC, I'm with you. I don't mind the name at all. And they've got fried pickles on the menu.
Posted by Pepper on 2011-01-14:
i'd say not all.

when i worked my pizza job i NEVER saw a roach. seriously. never ever ever. i never saw a roach until i joined the navy actually...

but yes call the health dept if you saw roaches.

though i'm not sure why seeing a girl dressed as a guy is bad. girls do that. hell some guys dress like girls too, though not as many.
Posted by Ritz on 2011-01-18:
Sorry to say it, but the author is right about this place. I went the other day and had a steak and some french fries, they were awful! My steak should've been cooked medium well, instead it was well done and burnt! The french fries were soggy as well. My little one had mac n cheese for her meal and later that night she threw up. I don't know if the food didn't agree with her tummy, but I'm just going to cross Two Fat Kids and a Grill off my list to eat out!
Posted by muchocomer on 2011-01-27:
I LOVE this place! I eat there once or twice a week. The food is Awesome! I have also had several chats with one of the owners who is very pleasant. The portion sizes are huge and the prices are small! I will continue to go back and enjoy their food. And they definetly have an A from the health department!
Posted by summer29605 on 2011-03-09:
whatever! You must be either one of the owners close friends or relative, because everyone knows that their food is over way seasoned and never consistent. You must love soggy fries too! ewww... I meet the owners and checked out their atmosphere, it's nothing, but a hot mess! They just stand around and gossip about people and yes the customers too! Oh and ask the waitress Jessica what she do with the roach she killed that was hanging around the silverware!

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