Aquarius Water Refining Inc. Complaint - Aquarius Water Refining Poisoned Me

Review by Bob_Wimuama on 2011-01-17
WIMAUMA, FLORIDA -- On December 30,2010 at 11:00 A.M. Aquarius Water Refining, Inc. of Wimauma, FL poisoned me and burnt my mouth and throat with their water filter installion. They introduce extremely caustic chemicals, sodium hypochlorite, into the drinking supply. They do not provide any safety warnings at the faucets or follow industry LOCK OUT/TAG OUT safety measures when deliberately contaminating the drinking water supply. Their installers are totally oblivious to the customer's safety and their business owners do not take responsibility for their crew's screw ups. After I notified their installation technician of my ingestion of what he specifically described to me as 20% Pool Bleach he offered no advice or instruction, or showed any concern about my immediate poisoning. After my throat recoved enough to be able to speak again, 4 hours, I discussed this incident with their owners. They told me it was not their problem and to take it up with a home owners insurance policy. This company brags of providing "impeccable service". I believe their practices of how they handle introducing dangerous chemicals into the residents drinking supply are negligent and irresponsible. The public needs to be informed of this disregard for safety and the lack of proper safety training that their installers have.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2011-01-17:
As soon as something I swallowed burnt my mouth and throat I would have immediately called poison control on the way to the emergency room, cause if it burnt your mouth and throat, imagine what it did all the way down and to your stomach. They probably would have been a little more concerned if you would have had a hospital report to back up your claim of poisoning.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-01-17:
If this situation is actually as serious as you are portraying here you should be consulting an attorney instead of posting on a public website.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-17:
I would of called 911 for an ambulance to the ER or at the very minimum seemed some kind of medical attention before calling the company or the landlord.
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-17:
Hope you are feeling better. Please seek medical attention. You say you were poisoned, so you should really make sure there will be no long term effects.

Posted by madconsumer on 2011-01-17:
why did they add bleach to the water system? RO water is some of the purest and depleted of all minerals and contaminants.

although bleach can burn your mouth, and there is bleach poisoning, the amounts required to "poison" someone is a large volume.

i still wonder why there was bleach added to the system. what does LOTO have to do with this???
Posted by Aquarius Water Refining on 2011-02-24:
On the day that this happened we were installing both a water softener and reverse osmosis system in the home of "Bob's" neighbor. We had informed the homeowner that the lines in the home would be chlorinated. This community has a high level of Hydrogen sulfide in the water and using chlorine is the only way to get the initial smell out. Once the lines in the home are well chlorinated, our system will keep it from coming back. The chlorine is left in the lines during the installation and then flushed out. Bob came into our office and told us that he was at his neighbor's home during the installation and needed to take a pill. Bob went into one of the bathrooms and took his pill using the chlorinated water. We asked him if he had contacted his doctor or went to the hospital and he said no. Bob then went on to tell us that this could all just "go away" if we agreed to give him a reverse osmosis system like the one we had installed at his neighbor's house. We told Bob that we are fully insured and if he had medical bills that we would file a claim with our insurance company. Bob then went on to file a complaint with the BBB and a dozen other websites where he registered his complaints about our company. After confronting us once again at a business expo at the same community we agreed to give him a discount on installing a reverse osmosis. Bob also agreed to delete or re-post on all the various websites that we had resolved this matter. Bob did not retract or re-post that we had resolved this matter like he said that he would. We also have a new safety procedure in place where we post on all entrances to the job site that the water has been chlorinated and not to drink it.
After being in business for over 36 years this is the first time that this has happened to us at Aquarius Water Refining. We are a family owned and operated water treatment company that I am proud to say my Father built from the ground up. We have thousands of extremely satisfied customers both residential and commercial that have used Aquarius Water Refining for all of their water treatment needs.

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