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Review by JPALONSO on 2011-01-19
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- After being on hold for more than 30min. I finally spoke to a CS representative somewhere on the other side of the planet. Questioning a late fee that apeared on wife's account. Through broken English I was told that I could not be helped since it's my wife's account. I explained that "Hey I pay the bills". They wouldn't budge, I asked to speak to a CS supervisor and was told that I could not do that. I then asked to speak to someone in America who speaks understandable English. Same reply. I threatened to close the account and was hung up on. I called again and finally spoke to someone in America and was told that I would not be helped. They basically treated me like crap, and didn't even care they were doing it.

So I'm going to fight this fee and generate so much paperwork for them it will end costing GE Money 50 times the fee they charged me. I will file a formal complaint with the controller of the currency, my local state's attourney. The attorney general of the US, and the BBB. I write one letter explaining the situation, make 4 copies, and put a stamp on it. They will HAVE to answer to those agencies.

My wife was steered to this company by Pearle Vision. Well guess what? They will soon see that I will pay this acount off today and take my buisiness to Lens Crafters. As for GE Money Bank if anyone hands you a credit application for them ask for another source or take your buisiness somewhere else. They only way you can hurt them is to take away their income, that is the only thing they understand.
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Posted by BEJ on 2011-01-19:
If you are not on your wife's account they will not speak with you about it. It is a matter of privacy laws. Does not matter if you are the one who pays the bills or not. Unless she gives her permission they will not discuss the account with you.
Posted by D. on 2011-01-19:
You are considered a 3rd party and therefore, they will not discuss the account with you, even though she's your wife and you pay the bill. However, if your wife sends them a letter giving them permission to discuss the account with you, then there should be no problem in the future when you call. Many companies will just have you put your wife on the phone to give verbal permission for a one time discussion.

Having YOU tell them you will close the account will mean nothing to them, because it would have to be closed by your wife, not you.

If they just hung up on you, that is rudness on their part and unprofessional.

I never understood the 'verbal permission' anyway, because someone can put anyone on the phone and say they are the card holder. Even if they ask to verify info, they still don't know who it is on the other end, but as long as they say they are that person and verifies the info, it will pretty much protect the company from a 3rd party disclosure lawsuit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-19:
The FDCPA (15 USC 1692c(d)) explicitly defines "consumer" to include the consumer's spouse in regards to 3rd party disclosure ERGO a bill collector is free to share any information with the consumer's spouse that is legal to share with the consumer. As far as the act goes they are one and the same.
Posted by bcd on 2011-01-19:

The bill collector would need to have the spouse’s personal info on file to verify identify.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-19:
bcd, No law I know about specifies any requirement for the spouse's personal info to be on file with a debt collector or creditor in order to communicate with them about their spouse's debt. Perhaps Florida has a state law, IDK.

I'm not saying the creditor is legally obligated to discuss the issue with the spouse I'm merely pointing out that the FDCPA doesn't prevent it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-19:
BEJ and DB nailed it. If you aren't listed on the account as an authorized user, they can't give you any information. End of story.

Funny how both the fluent and not so fluent English speaking reps both got it right, eh?
Posted by D. on 2011-01-19:
Just because they 'can' doesn't mean they 'have to'...you will find,many companies will not speak to the spouse without written permission and some companies will fire someone if they do. This has been an issue as far back as I can remember and even if you check it out today, you will find people going back and forth on this one. As said, most companies, though they 'can' they 'won't' ... none of the companies I've worked for would allow us to do so...plus you also have some states that are 'non-spousal' states...if a collector doesn't pay attention to what state a person is calling from and discloses info to a spouse, they can get sued over it...and believe me, when I monitored calls, I've found more 'state law' violations than I did FDCPA violations because the caller simply didn't pay attention to what state the person on the other end of the phone lived in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-19:
JC, If you want to close this story then please cite the law that prevents them from discussing the matter with a spouse.

I offered up a citation which clearly states the FDCPA permits such communications. Story still opened.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-19:
Your spouse still has privacy rights, whether or not you pay the bills
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-19:
Basher, I totally agree. There's a huge difference between "legally prohibited" and "won't". Now we can move on since we agree the company can legally discuss the OP's spouse's information with the OP.
Posted by D. on 2011-01-19:
No, they would not have to have the 'spouse's' personal info on file. Only the 'debtor's' info. The debtor would have to verify he IS the debtor and giving permission to the spouse or 3rd party person to discuss the account. For example, when I call for my Dad's account...the rep would say, 'Put Daddy Basher on the phone to give permission to discuss this with you'...I put Daddy Basher on the phone and the rep would ask him for his DOB or SS#, whatever they need to verify it's him...THEN, once they know he is the right party giving permission, then they will speak with me. They don't need MY information.
Posted by D. on 2011-01-19:
Ok LR...shall we skip along to the next review???? *Takes LR by the hand and happily skips away*
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-19:
Lord, it's all covered under Federal CPNI and PII laws.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-19:
Basher the law explicitly ties the consumer to the spouse when it comes to communication in connection with debt collection. It doesn't tie other family members such as your father. There is absolutely no 'verification' requirement in the law. I'm 100% correct in everything I've said here.
Posted by D. on 2011-01-19:
LR...I was just giving an example of what and who's personal info they would ask for...
Posted by D. on 2011-01-19:
Man-O-Man, I sure miss Raven!

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