CBS Daytime TV Complaint - News Flash During program

Review by Sparky2 on 2011-01-21
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- This morning at approximately 10.20 A.M. my regular program - The Price is Right - was interrupted by a "newsflash". I thought that something really significant had happened but a crucial moment in my show was destroyed in order to show an injured woman (Gabrielle Giffords) being transferred by ambulance and air from one hospital to another. I have the deepest sympathy and respect for the people who were killed and injured and their respective families but this whole "newsflash" episode involved the input of no less than 6 TV reporters gabbing about the same thing that we had heard in a succession of News Reports since this unfortunate incident. Such interruptions are becoming increasingly frequent. I do wish be be kept up with what is going on in the world but such interruptions are derisory and can only make this particular TV station a laughing stock. Such practice is not isolated to CBS but is a continual "dirty trick" played by most TV stations; more especially during elections. In other more cultured countries in the world the news coverage is not only more professional but is applied with a good deal more common sense. I am pretty sure that I am not speaking for myself alone but my sentiments, I am convinced, are shared by the majority of people who use the TV mainly for entertainment. Something of which there is precious little in any event. What we do have is sacred so don't bombard us with so called newsflashes that are, in effect, trivial.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-21:
while I agree the "newsflashes" are often repetitive and irrelevant. The major news organizations are trying to keep up with the internet. However I don't consider a tv show "sacred" by any means. I consider most tv "trivial".
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-21:
I hate when all the news channels air the same live coverage (like a press conference) at the same time.
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-21:
They will always find a way to force the latest happenings on the people.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-21:
A similar thing happened to me a few days a go on my local NBC channel. We had inclement weather, I was watching Family fued (LOVE that show) it was the LAST part, about to find out if they won 20 grand, and they interrupted it... ARGH! They couldnt have waited 10 more seconds????? And all they were telling us was the same info that the roads were bad....LIKE WE DONT ALREADY KNOW!!!!! I think someone needs to be watching the channel and try to interrupt at a more convenient time, like during a COMMERCIAL.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-21:
I completely agree with the OP. "Breaking news" has become so commonplace that it has no effect anymore. I suppose it's because of all the 24 hour news channel, everyone has to do what they can to be the one with the scoop, no matter how inconsequential that scoop is or that everyone else has the same scoop.

And the Price of Right is one of my favorite shows, so I don't like it when someone messes with it.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-21:
I would imagine the gubment is taking care of her bills, since she was "acting officially". Wonder about the other poor souls.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-21:
I find when I am reading a book, walking, riding a bike, playing a game with my kids, volunteering at the senior center, working, etc., etc., I am not subjected to newsflashes.
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-21:
I find when I want some downtime to relax, after working at my animal hospital,volunteering at the humane society, taking care of my about to be 3 year old twins, play time outside, making dinner for them, then tubby time, and bedtime stories, cleaning, laundry, bill paying, quick phone calls,internet time, and then making another dinner late into the night when hubby comes home from work, the last thing I want are news flashes while I'm trying to enjoy something on TV.

It's not too much to ask for the interuptions to be during a commercial. We all are busy busy busy, and yet the news interuptions, always interupts a program people are enjoying.
Posted by Johanna on 2011-01-21:
I remember a time when those breaking news announcements on network TV were actually relevant and even a little exciting. The last one I saw was in 2003 when they announced that Bob Hope had died. The most memorable one I ever saw was during the Tienneman Square massacre. Of course, I was only 6 at the time and I was mad because they were cutting into my Saturday morning cartoon watching.
Posted by ontario_girl on 2011-01-21:
The last newsflash I saw that interrupted programming was in 1997 when Princess Diana died. Maybe I just don't watch TV enough anymore to catch the newsflashes when they happen.
Posted by sleepykitties on 2011-01-21:
Okay - I created an account JUST to comment on this. This is a major news story - Gabrielle Giffords is an Arizona congresswoman. She was SHOT IN THE HEAD AT CLOSE RANGE while at a PUBLIC function, wherein a 9 year old girl was killed, along with several others suffering injury. It's not like it was some trivial issue like an impending thunderstorm or something.
Man, seriously. It's the frickin' Price is Right... I think you'll be OK.
Posted by T on 2011-01-21:
Spongebob is sacred - they better not be interrupting that to show me something trivial, like a politician that almost had her head blown off by a whackjob being transferred from one facility to another. We need to keep sight of what's truly important.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-21:
How's Drew doing these days?
Posted by Olivander on 2011-01-21:
What does derisory mean?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-21:
sleepy, beg your pardon, but an injured official being moved from one place to the other could have waited for the news. There was no mention of the others.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-21:
sleepy, it is NOT a major news story to move anyone from one place to another.
Posted by sleepykitties on 2011-01-21:
I guess I just feel that the event that took place was significant, and that any updates to such a big story are also important. It just bums me out that the majority of people seem hold a daytime TV gameshow in higher regard than details pertaining to such a big story.
I don't know, I guess it just struck me wrong - just my take on the whole thing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-21:
I remember I was watching a TV show and then it said Breaking news, and it showed Paris Hilton doing the perp walk from her house. I'm like wtf I don't care about that.
Posted by T on 2011-01-21:
All this chitchat has caused my to want to go and get an update on Giffords' condition.

They could have put a banner on the bottom of the screen with this information, but they may be concerned viewers will punch out to cable news.
Posted by sleepykitties on 2011-01-21:
Trmn8r - I like your solution, perhaps that would have been better than a full-blown interruption!
Posted by T on 2011-01-21:
Headed to rehab. Maybe she has motor control damage. It would be wonderful if she has a fairly complete recovery, as it would for all the victims who lived.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-21:
It is horrible that a person was shot in the head at close range and that a child was killed. Wait, that just happened last night here where I live. They didn't break in with that news.... Oh, wait, the local tragedy didn't involve a congressperson, just a mother and her child. Not nearly as important as a congressperson.

We need to keep our "breaking news" in perspective.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-21:
+10 Toto
Posted by yoke on 2011-01-21:
Why is it that breaking news only happens during the day. I can't remember the last time breaking news happened during evening shows or the weekend sport games. I get things are important, but breaking news used to be when something major happened.
Posted by ticia232 on 2011-01-21:
Other countries don't do this??? I guess I didn't live in Germany when the new pope was elected. The only channel that didn't go to live coverage was MTV. (And they went to live coverage when the pope came outside to greet everyone.)

Posted by momsey on 2011-01-21:
Exactly, Toto.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-01-22:
I get breaking news emails and some of them are completely ridiculous and just a step above Twitter. Sometimes I wonder who decides what is important enough to send out an email or interrupt a television show. I tend to be a news junkie, but even I think the onslaught of information is a bit too much.
Posted by bored_housewife54 on 2011-09-18:
God forbid we all see something that might be newsworthy in place of the scheduled C.R.A.P. that passes for "good programming" these days!

Good lord people, IT WAS A TV SHOW, a game show what's more! It's hardly worth getting your panties in a bunch over!
Posted by Starlord on 2011-09-19:
Usually, I don't have much of a problem with 'news flashes,' except for the last one I saw, Obamaski was blathering on about some forgettable idea of his. He must have the world's greatest press secretary. Here in Washington, we have cable, and our viewing is interrupted several times a week with 'required' tests of the emergencty broadcasting syste. Can't we get together and have one time for the tests?

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