Elmwood Dental Group Complaint - Dental Disaster

Review by oogerboo on 2011-01-21
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I had been using the same dentist for decades and never had a real problem. Even though he started his business illegally by stealing the patient records of his mentor and starting his own business behind the man's back, he did do exceptional work for many years. I moved to Fla. for years and cracked a cantilevered bridge while there. No one there could fix it, so I made arrangements to come back to NY (where I had no insurance) to get it done. I agreed to a $1200.00 treatment plan. The dentist who owned the practice asked me (while I was in the chair and under anesthesia) who had put in the 6 new crowns I had. I told him I had insurance in Fla. and had it done there. He lost his mind. He started screaming and swearing and cracking off every crown I had on the whole top left quadrant of my mouth. I screamed and cried and begged him to stop, but he didn't. He insisted I have gum surgery to "provide a stronger base for all the new crowns I was going to need now", and a root canal I didn't need or agree to - even though the surgeon told him my gums were perfect. The work took 2 years. Nothing fit right. He fractured several of my teeth and ruined every crown. He denied any responsibility for the mess and left town. The end result was, I lost my job for being gone so long, a bill for over $15,000.00 that I never authorized, a lawsuit - which I lost because he had destroyed my records and the court took his word that I had agreed to thousands of dollars of work I didn't need - and, when I hauled him into to the Dental Board ( all his buddies), because he destroyed my records (after 6 months, instead of the mandatory 6 years) and got a slap on the wrist. I had to pay almost everything up front before he would finish my teeth (and he kept promising me my teeth would be better than ever), but when I realized this wasn't going to happen, I cancelled my credit card and did not pay the last $2000., so he put a lien on me. When his insanity became obvious to everyone else, he retired. I still have the lien, the bad teeth, abscesses, and now have to have bone grafts, implants and at least 6 new crowns. If I had had my wits about me, instead of being under anesthesia, I should have had him arrested for assault and battery. Do NOT make the same mistake I did. Don't go near these people.
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Posted by Olivander on 2011-01-21:
How do you talk under anesthesia?
Posted by leet60 on 2011-01-21:
There are a LOT of unsubstantiated allegations here. The first thing that caught my eye was

"Even though he started his business illegally by stealing the patient records of his mentor and starting his own business behind the man's back, he did do exceptional work for many years. "

I would recommend the OP be very careful with statements like this in a public forum.
Posted by T on 2011-01-21:
This guy is retired. Assuming this story is true, he can't do harm to anyone else, right? Or is your complaint againt the entire office where he practiced?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-21:
This should have been titled " A nightmare on Elm Street." Great horror story, emphasis on story.
Posted by Pepper on 2011-01-21:
i'm confused....

if he started his practice illegally why would you trust him?

if you're begging him to stop... why didn't you just get up and call the police? i mean obviously if you're drugged you can't drive but you can call the cops and leave.

better yet... why in the world did you continue to go to him if he was abusing you? i mean he supposedly yelled, screamed, and hurt you .. and you went BACK to him?
Posted by GreenEyedHawk on 2011-01-21:
I find it hard to believe that there was not a single dentist in the entire state of Florida who could fix your bridgework. Not to mention if he "went ballistic", did anyone witness this? How did you scream and cry and beg him to stop, or even answer his question, while you were under anaesthetic?

As someone above mentioned, there are some very very serious and unsubstantiated claims here, and on a public forum like this, if none of these things can be proven, you may find yourself on the business end of a libel lawsuit.
Posted by Pepper on 2011-01-23:
green - i think you're right.
especially since she posted the dentist's information here.

cos... if the dentist chose to, he could easily sue the OP over the claims that he started the business illegally and the claims of abuse.

it would be interesting to see what happened if this went to court...
Posted by GreenEyedHawk on 2011-01-23:
Something else that just occurred to me also...wouldn't something like this have made the news? I know that if I were manhandled by a dentist, and I had actual real proof that the things I was accusing him of were true (ie starting his business with stolen information) I'd be singing to the press so loudly it'd take a frying pan to the head to shut me up. I searched several of the area newspaper and news websites and found nothing.

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