Hooters Compliment - Best Cheese-Steak in area, plus wings

Review by ruth28 on 2005-04-12
TEXAS -- I've been to many restaurants to look for Cheese steak subs.
Hooters has the best in town.
I get it to go, so it's not like I'm there for the visuals.
Since I'm not from Philly, it's hard to find a good Cheese steak sub. I've been to several places in the area, tried them all. Hooters has the best one. ..although it's a bit more pricy that others...well worth it, though.
I can't stand for other places that use white American cheese, and really dislike those who use precooked meat and just heat it up.
Hooters also has the best hot-wings, of course. Like, that's what they're famous for. WingStop, Wings of Glory, pizza places.. none of them can compare.

There was once a place called Galligaskins... THAT was the best cheese steak ever. They are now out of business here. They used real olive oil dressing, and real sliced raw steak and cooked it up on the grill. Hooters is the best I've found other than them. Yup, I've tried many other Cheesesteak places here.
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Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-04-13:
I know another reviewer that prefers Vodka over beer! It is his hobby! I would bet Biz knows him, as well.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-04-13:
Yah...AND expect statements of "substance" like that from the site drunk! Twist off your bottle cap and have another swill!
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-04-13:
Ignorance is bliss...Biz
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-13:
'Hittin' the sauce early, huh buz? Wing savvy? Still waiting on your "fish sandwich with extra tartar sauce" review from McDonald's.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-13:
Welcome R28. Biz/buz and tax/txroadie are the "First Family" on here. Sounds like you will get along fine with those two. They will be passing on their "knowledge" soon and often...
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-13:
zzrokk you sound like siffer.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-04-13:
"Elation" hahaha! Big word for such a "simpleton" Biz! Guess you have not had your quota of vodka yet!
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-14:
Tax, you SOUND like tandy/tander. Where are your 'other halves' vaSoftback and buz? Your debate with mjFolly on guns yesterday was epic BTW.

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