Play & Trade Homestead FL 33033 Complaint - Very Bad Customer Service

Review by Biyi on 2011-01-24
HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA, FLORIDA -- I entered the Play & Trade excited to purchase a new remote control for my Wii console. After my purchase I used the Wii control ONCE!! The control was not working correctly, the control would allow me to play but it would go to the left.
I took my receipts, put everything back in the original box and went back to get another Wii remote. I explained to the "Manager" that my new Wii control was not working and the problem, he took it from me and started asking question "Did I dip the remote in oil? Was I a mechanic? That the problem was me? I felt he went from calling me dirty to dump!
Then some other people enter the store and he just simply got up, did not even excused himself and just went to the back. He came back and told me that I just needed to do an adjustment to the control, which he claimed he did and told me “it should work now”. I told him I did not want to take back the same control because “it was not working to please test it” and he told me “to go home and get my Wii console, bring it back to the store so he could test the Wii control” I told him”no, do you want me to bring my TV too! I refused to go get my Wii console from my house, so he suggested that I call his store manager, he gave me a business card and told me to get it approved by him or he could not help me.
I was really upset I waited a week and went back with my daughter and my son-in-law because they were really good customers of the store! As I walked in I heard the Manager state “oh here is the lady again with the Wii remote problem”. He called the store manager via cell phone. As a clerk stated the "Store Manager is on a short break he will be right with you".
I was handed a cell phone and as I tried to explain to the Store Manager, but he would not even let me finish, he started by stating that the control was tested and they had me on video, I requested to show me the video he refused.
To make a very long bad moment short, I handed my daughter the cell phone, the store manager stated me he would give me a used remote, a use remote I refused I did not pay $42.00 to get a used remote I paid $42.00 for a new remote.
Finally, the store manager came to his sense after my daughter explained the return policy on the receipt, he stated “he would give me a new remote (exchange) as I had requested from the beginning but “that I was not allowed to go back to the store ever again”.
This is the first time in my life, I am 45 years old polite, well mannered and dress in my uniform attire. I have never been treated so rudely and wrong! I have never experience such horrible Customer Service! I would never go back to that store any way. I got the Wii control but it is not a matter of getting what you paid for, it is a matter of principal. How are people allowed to treat customer like this. Every store you can return merchandise with it original packaging and receipt!! I am a Business Manager and I would never treat a customer so poorly! If I was the owner of this store I would fire both of them!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-25:
It seems odd that they would request you never come to the store again. Regardless, you can file an e-complaint at (click on 'consumer protection' on the right, then click on 'file a complaint').

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