City Snowplowing Complaint - Excessive Monies Spent

Review by Tigershark on 2011-01-26
I found during my travels thoughout the city during snow removal their are still a few cars buried under snow on city streets that are still there. Also trucks (some owned by the same company) that follow trucks the last truck is not really plowing any snow, to me the city is wasting a lot of monies on these companies that do that.

Maybe since city trucks or vehicles are constantly driving our roads on city time these plowless vehicles should be stopped and that would save the city lots of money needed to really keep our streets clean.

* Note none of these plowed in vehicles have tickets
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-01-26:
That is why most communities have snow parking bans in effect, although those bans don't do much good if the vehicle owner lives in a house or apartment building that does not offer off-street parking (a common problem in older or densely-populated communities, where buildings were built at a time when most people went places by walking or public transit, and car ownership was considered a luxury. Still, when there is snow coming, people do need to move their vehicles...if it's snow covered or ends up being towed, it's the vehicle owner's responsibility.
Posted by Pepper on 2011-01-26:
trucks that follow trucks... ever consider that "plowing" is not the only snow defense a city has?

trucks also lay down salt. or they may be employed for other uses, such as transporting supplies, towing.

i sincerely doubt they have a truck just running around for the sake of driving.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-26:
There are a lot of places (Manhattan, for one) where there's just nowhere else for cars to be but parked on the street. There are also a lot of cities here in Jersey where people have nowhere else but the street to park their car (they live in apartments, for example). So I don't see the difference of a car parked there covered in snow or a car parked there uncovered.
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-26:
I think it's easy to judge, when you don't know exactly what goes on behind the scene.
Posted by MRM on 2011-01-26:
I agree Skye, what the OP is observing are assumptions.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-01-26:
I live in a community where everyone at least has a driveway, and most people have garages. NO ONE parks in their own freaking driveway and the street is always clogged with cars. I'm talking families with one car have an open driveway and park in the street for no good reason. We had leaf removal in the fall and there were signs up not to park in the one moved. God I hate living with hillbillies. Hubs and I each have a car and his work van, we fit all 3 in the driveway, and we don't even use the garage yet.
Posted by David on 2011-01-26:
a complaint about an unknow city and snowplows? How useful is that?
Posted by Pepper on 2011-01-26:
i guess that means we can decide what city it's about?

I vote for Metropolis so we can blame Clark Kent, or perhaps Miami where there aren't any snow plows.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-01-27:
HLN had footage the other day of a truck plowing snow on a parking structure. Suddenly, the truck crashed through to the next level. Indianapolis spends millions every year for snow removal, an one inch of the white stuff paralyzes the city, The village of Ruidoso, NM, doesn't spend a cent, and fifteen minutes after a heavy snowfall the streets are clear. Everyone drives jeeps and other 4WDs, and they all have snow plow attachments, and get out and help clean the streets. Amazing people.

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