Wise Vision Care Complaint - Medical Ethics & possible competence

Review by mahal1333 on 2005-04-16
BEAUFORT, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Doctor Farah Wise an Optometrist talked my wife into ordering Ridged Gas Permeable contact lenses even though she had previously been determined unable to wear contact lenses in the past due to a severe astigmatism. Her ordeal lasted less than three months, though she got , at most three weeks of wear out of them.

The right lens of her prescription cause the outer edge of that lens to be so thin that it was far too fragile to be even considered viable for wear. We went had to order a total of four right lenses in less than three months so she got less than three weeks wear out of these lenses, one of which broke in transit from the manufacturer to the Doctor.

An Optometrist should have been aware of this. When I told an Optician about the problems we had encountered with the contacts, he looked at the prescription she required, he immediately responded that the problem was with the right lens, the outer edge is too thin. If he was aware of this why wouldn’t a Optometrist be aware of it. This opinion was confirmed to me by another Optician and another Optometrist, all from separate optical facilities.

When she was confronted about compensation of the $ 352.00 we had expended on these lenses that got three weeks of wear but were now unusable, she became verbally abusive insisting that neither she nor her personnel were responsible for anything that transpired, in was all the fault of my wife’s mishandling, I suppose that my wife was at fault for the lens that was so fragile that it managed to chip in transit too. She also refused to deal with my wife any longer, stating that she had tried her best to please her and obviously her best wasn’t good enough. ( Finally a statement from her that we can agree with.)

Dr. Farah Wise kept the three lenses one left and two chipped right and said she would do something to compensate us, but never did ! Several weeks later when I questioned her as to what was going on with the compensation, I was rebuffed with a letter from her lawyer ordering me to cease and desist any further contact with his client. She had gone to him and had made the absolutely insane allegations about my wife.

They offered to reimburse us $140.00 but would not refute the allegations she had made. I refused the offer. At this point the money means nothing if the allegations she made were not refuted.

I don’t have anything to do with the mental health field, but in my humble opinion this Doctor of Optometry could use some serious mental health care professional help.

You need to avoid these people like she was Typhoid Mary, you are not dealing with a rational, normal, human being in my estimation ! ! ! !

I have also file complaints with TRICARE (military healthcare system) and Better business Bureau.
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Posted by AZJEM on 2005-04-17:
My daughter works at an eye care doctors office and I asked her about this. She agrees with you. This stuff can be really expensive.Have you thought of small claims court? I know it's probably a hassel but if you could get the replies from the other eye care professionals you could most likely recoup your losses. Just a thought if you think it's worth the time.

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