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Review by MollyDoesTravel on 2011-01-30
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I have been a customer with them since I was 15, and I'm now 32 so I've been with them 17 years. When I was 15, on a learner's permit, I was hit by a drunk driver and pushed into another car. Our insurance company handled everything for us regarding the other guys' insurance and assisted us with the information we needed to sue him. When I was 20 or so, I was hit by a guy running a red light head on. I had just purchased my car, so it was a bad day. The guy tried to say it was me who ran the red light and even had his kid back him up. Thankfully there was a witness that came to my side and said in fact, the man had run the red light. My insurance company paid for everything except my deductible while handling things with his insurance company, who was State Farm. After a year of back and forths State Farm finally relented that my story had not changed and his had, which made them not believe him. They took the fault, paid me my deductible back and my insurance company their money for fixing my car. When I was 31, I was out of the country and my sisters dogs ATE through my fender and electrical system to get to a rabbit that had crawled up into my engine and died. Gross. I called my insurance from Greece and they said they would handle it while I was gone or I could wait till I got back. I decided I wanted to wait as it was just a few weeks. When I got back and called them, it was immediately towed to the service station, an adjuster came out the next day and approved the car to be fixed. Somehow I had some weird coverage that handled all animal damage to a car! The electrical system had to be completely replaced and a lot of body work had to be done. The engine had to be steam cleaned and several parts had to be replaced. The total cost was over $4,000 and I never had to call a single person or deal with anyone at all, it was simply fixed in about a couple of weeks. The entire time, I had a rental that was totally covered AND returned to a different location without charge. Just a few months later, I had moved from California to Texas. I stayed with my insurance company as they have coverage all over the US. Driving down the street, a girl cut across my lane and I hit her. She tried to claim it was my fault, but I knew she had a responsibility to stay in her lane. I took photos and video and called my insurance company with all her info. Again, they covered everything and didn't even ask for my deductible. My car got fixed, I got a rental and I didn't have to make more than 2 or 3 total phone calls. Each time, my car got fixed with brand new parts, not old ones. Each time I had a rental totally covered. Each time my insurance company could have said or done something rude since technically it wasn't their concern since I wasn't at fault. I was going to switch to another provider to save some money on the monthly cost of my insurance, but after reading all the reviews I see that insurance companies that actually do their job are extremely hard to come by. If you're in the market, I fully support this company. Make sure you get proper coverage and read everything before signing. Sadly most people don't know what is or is not covered until they need the help. Know before and save yourself a LOT of headache!! And I guess the old adage is true...you get what you pay for! I am moving to New Jersey so my premiums go WAY up. Sounds like even then, this is still a good buy! Thanks guys. :)
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-01-30:
great review.

very helpful.

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