Glastonbury Oil Informative - Unfortunate customer service

Review by SB on 2011-02-11
GLASTONBURY, CONNECTICUT -- I decided recently to try and use a new company to purchase my heating oil. I called Glastonbury Oil yesterday but received their answering service. Left all my contact information with the polite lady, with a request that I be called at some point the following day to try and set up a delivery.

By 9am, I still had not received a call. Called again and left another message requesting a return call. An hour, hour and half later, still nothing. So, I called back again and this time got a different lady on the phone. I asked if they were open and she affirmed that they were. I let her know that I had left several messages and they must be understandably busy since I had not yet received a return call. She then said something to the effect of oh, they faxed me your information but we are not taking new customers. We are backed up as it is. I thanked her for her time but felt a simple sorry for not responding would have been good customer service. Just because you don't need my money doesn't mean simple manners need to be ignored. A simple call would have been nice. Needless to say, I will never attempt to use their services again.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-02-11:
Yes, a simple answer would have been appropriate, instead of just leaving you hanging.

Although, if it was me, and they had not returned my second phone call attempt, to me that would reflect on the type of service I could expect. Sounds like they did you a favor by not taking on any new customers.
Posted by SB on 2011-02-11:
Actually Skye, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. It has been a terrible winter here in Ct so, as I told the lady, I figured they were, understandably busy. However, you are absolutely correct about the likelihood of good customer service AFTER they had my money. I like to vote with my money, so, never again.
Posted by Skye on 2011-02-11:
I also like to give the benefit of the doubt, but how hard would it have been for them to give you a quick call back. A simple courtesy call can either make or break a deal. But no call shows how unprofessional they are, whether they are taking on new cusotmer's or not.

Ask around, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, if they can recommend another oil company for you, and what companies, based on experience to avoid.
Posted by SB on 2011-02-11:
Skye- couldn't agree with you more!

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