Payments 360 - I Think This Is Their Name Complaint - Watch Your Bank Accounts Folks

Review by NofriendofAX on 2011-02-12
Yesterday I was balancing my checkbook and I noticed a check being processed for $79.95. I never recalled such a check and started reviewing my checkbook more thoroughly. Nothing in my registry or checkbook indicated I wrote anything for this amount. I immediately contacted my bank. I was advised it was an auto check that did not require my signature. After discussing my options with the individual over the phone I decided my best option was to just visit the branch. So, while I was there I obtained a copy of the check.

It had my first and last name on the top left corner, and an address that I have not lived at for 13 years. My bank name was not indicated on the check and it was signed with "This draft authorized by your depositor". I don't think soooo bucko.

The memo line noted Health Medical Benefits, along with two phone #'s. While I was at the branch office, I called the numbers. Phone # 1 immediate went to voicemail and said leave a message for Customer Service. So, on to phone #2 a female responded. I told her someone from their company withdrew funds from my bank account without authorization. She immediate said we can provide a refund it will take 10 days. I asked her what the purchase was for and she wanted my phone #. Are you out of your mind lady? I'm not giving you one piece of information. By the way I used the *67 feature when I called them to block my #. When I started discussing the address on the check being 13 years old she immediately hung up. So, it was clear to the bank this was some phony bologna going on here. I decided to stop payment on the check and call it a day.

You're probably thinking why is she making such a big stink about this. Well last year the same thing happened to me, and I truly believe it is the same individual. Because they used that 13 year old address then too. I didn't change my bank account and haven't done so this time either. I called the # back and spoke with a man, he wanted the check # they used. Uhhh no. Folks if you are in this situation do NOT give them any personal information. If you try to cancel the transaction and you give them any good information they can easily tell your bank that this is the # they called and make the transaction seem valid.

When this happened last year they used some Herbal company and I reported it to my bank as a fraud transaction. Wonder if the folks living in my previous home received any herbal products (doubt it). Maybe they were lucky enough to receive Health Medical Benefits this time around.

Just be on the look out folks these crooks are getting better and better at what they do!
Company Response on 02/15/2011:
PAYMENTS360 regrets that you're account was incorrectly debited by one of our merchants. As a payment processor PAYMENTS360 strives to take every precaution to pre-qualify our merchants, ensure that their transactions are legitimate, require voice verification recordingsm and then scrub the checking accounts against five separate databases for accuracy and/or fraudulent activity. Our service is no different then the utility companies and others who pull funds directly from consumers accounts because we can offer a lower transaction cost. Furthermore direct debit processing also allows the customer the ability to immediately deny any incorrect charges, unlike a credit card where a dispute can take 6-8 weeks.
We will take immediate action with that merchant and terminate their account unless they can provide substantial evidence to the contrary.
Thanks for being vigilent.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2011-02-13
Posted by Alain on 2011-02-13:
Your vigilance paid off! It sounds like you and your bank discovered a scammer. Did you notify law enforcement about this?
Posted by Johanna on 2011-02-13:
I echo Alain and I also applaud you for balancing your checkbook :).

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