Gaylord Palms Resort In Kissimmee Florida Complaint - Quite the experience

Review by Reshon on 2011-02-14
KISSIMME FLORIDA, FLORIDA -- I booked through Priceline, and got quite an amazing price, considering the hotel. Or so I thought. Upon check-in I was asked if I brought my own computer. As I answered yes, I was given a brochure. In the brochure contained info to input to access the internet. I was never told that there was a charge that would be added to my bill DAILY. The only way I found out about the daily charge, was because they had a computer in the room, on which I could see my accruing bill. They label it a "resort fee". I was told that this resort fee included a daily newspaper (in which I never received from the days we were there, two bottle of water replenished daily, access to the fitness center and other amenities that were not used. I was then asked if I was going to self park or use valet parking. I opted for the self parking, as I thought there would be no charge to self park. WRONG! Upon driving over to the "self parking" lot we swiped our card (which hardly ever worked, and only seemed to work after we called the front desk to mention)only to see that there was a daily fee of $13.91 that was assessed to my bill. This was not mentioned (which should have been) by the front desk employee that checked me in. We then questioned the parking fee w/the parking deck attendant, who then told us that if we were guest in the hotel, the front desk would validate our card, and we would not have to pay for parking. She was also WRONG! I called down to the front desk and spoke w/Lauren, who was somewhat understanding. She stated that the fees are mentioned in small print when you book through Priceline.com. For some reason, me along w/others don't recall this. She then removed 1 day of parking and 1 day of the resort fee from my bill. I then asked her to remove the resort fee, as we were not in the hotel enough to use any of the amenities we were being charged for. She stated that she had, and that I would not be charged for a resort fee, from that point on. Once again. WRONG! My father went down to the front desk the following morning and asked to speak w/a manager. He was then invited to speak w/Paul the "manager". Paul told my father, that due to the miscommunication of the parking fee, the hotel felt responsible and would remove all parking fees from the bill. He also stated that he would not be able to remove all of the resort fees, as that is their way of paying for the internet. Even though we were never able to enjoy them. We were awaken two mornings in a row, by a loud thudding sound, similar to that of a hammer hitting a wall. The toilet leaked, and water was in the floor everyday. Our toilet clogged, which caused for maintenance to have to enter the room @ 4 am. After complaining of the noise in the early hours of the morning, it stopped. Lauren seemed to know nothing of this "construction" or what it was that was disturbing us, but after mentioning, we no longer had issues w/it. The internet was very slow, as similar to dial up. We asked to have our room cleaned daily upon exiting for the day, only to come back and find hair in the corners of the bathroom near the shower. It stayed there the entire time we were there. Which obviously meant, all they did was replenish the toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, towels, and soap). They would sweep the floor and remake the beds, using the same sheets and pillow cases. The rooms were very outdated considering the appearance of the atrium and the outside of the hotel. Or who knows, maybe we were placed in that room due to us booking through a third party. I will take nothing from the appearance and the elegance of the outer face of the hotel, as well as the atrium, with the beautiful plants and scenery, but I will say that the room was quite a mismatch from the atrium and other areas of the hotel. It would almost be safe to say they price the rooms by the outer appearance of the hotel, as well as the atrium. Some of the staff was very helpful, including a cook I saw on my way to purchase Disney tickets, who lead me in the right direction, and the concierge desk. A lot of the workers at the front desk were helpful as well, but others seemed to just look at is as a job. In a hotel that elegant, service should be exceptional! I would call the transportation counter only to be put on eternal hold. No one ever answered the phone, which prompted me to have to walk down to the foyer area. The shuttle was very nice as it did not take long to get to the park of choice, and it ran every hour. We stayed for 3 nights and 4 days. On the morning of check out, we got a bill that was placed under our door. It contained a parking fee. We called down to the front desk, and the employee removed it. I then went down to the front desk to complete check out. I then had 3 days of resort fees on my bill when Paul told my father, we would only have to pay for 2. I then questioned the fee. The young lady @ the desk stated that it was not listed in the notes that the fee should be removed. I then told her that we had spoken to a manager who said that he would have the fee removed, and that we would only have to pay for 2 days. She then went to speak with her manager who's name was Chris. Chris sent her back out to tell me that nothing would change, and that the fees would still remain. I went to get my father as he had spoken to the other manager days prior. Chris went back and forth w/us for about 15 minutes on the charge. He pretty much told us that Lauren had not placed that info in her notes, and due to that, the fee could not be removed. Any other day, had I been told that we would had to pay for the resort fee, I would have had no issue at check out, but being that the "manager" by the name of Paul told us that we would only have to pay for 2 days of resort fees, thats what I expected. We had a flight to catch at 7 am that morning and we were working on 5:30 just by going back and forth w/Chris. Chris then told us that Paul was not a manager and that he was just a regular employee. Which means, one of the individuals at the front desk lied to us, when they referred us to Paul as a manager. Paul as well lied to us. What credibility this company has?! After making us late to the airport w/a total of 30 minutes being wasted at the front desk, he removed the charge and we were on our way. From that experience alone, I would NEVER stay in this hotel again. Aside of the fact that we were lied to, by more than one individual, the customer service in this hotel lacks. Instead of arguing w/us the fee should have been removed w/o question. Who questions paying customers?! I was VERY disappointed in the service of a hotel this extravagant. I could have stayed at the Holiday Inn down the street, that had free internet, free shuttle and much better service, for much cheaper and been a lot happier than I was by staying at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Kissimmee Florida! It actually made our trip to Florida very stressful as we were there to have fun. Me and my family have visited Florida every year from the time I was 2 yrs old. I am now 27 yrs old, and from the explanations of my parents, and from what I was old enought to experience, we have NEVER had as many problems w/a hotel or resort as we had w/the Gaylord Palms in Kissimmee. I can say that this was my first and last time staying in this hotel.
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Posted by treym on 2011-02-14:
I live in Florida, Palm Harbor, and we are planning a Disney vacation. Thank you for the information, it will be put to good use. And I am the type of person that they are looking for, small family, within driving distance, willing to have a hotel for a couple of days, and can return at a moments notice. Gaylord Palms will not have my business.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2011-02-15:
I agree that they probably price the rooms based on the outer appearance of the hotel. The lobby/atrium and restaurants are very inviting. However, I've seen how small the rooms were when my brother and his wife stayed there after they arranged a family dinner in one of the restaurants. The room was decent in quality at the time, but terrible on size. It's been many years since that stay, so I'm sure that the rooms have deteriorated as all hotels do from what I believe.

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