Greenlight Moving Complaint - Crooks, Frauds and just plain liars

Review by Mr VB on 2011-02-17
WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- History of events with Greenlight Moving & Storage Inc.
(US DOT: 1944503, MC: 692342)
20528 Ventura Blvd, Ste. 309, Woodland Hills CA 91364,
(818) 332-0737(Main #), (818) 299-6501 (Brandon – Booking guy), (818) 835-6434 (Shawn – Manager?)

November 24, 2010 – Went to to check for moving prices (received several calls/emails over the next couple days from different companies with quotes.

November 25, 2010 – Received first call from Brandon @ Greenlight Moving & Storage Inc. Began working with Brandon on getting quotes, etc. Received a couple calls from him over the next week to 2 weeks while we firmed up our move date, and informed him we did not have a confirmed date or whether I actually had the new job yet and we were just getting quotes.

November 25 – December 6 – Received several more calls and emails from various companies for quotes. Informed me the quote Greenlight Moving & Storage was giving me was not possible and that we would eventually be overcharged somehow along the way and were told there was a possibility they would try to tell us we had more weight than we actually did. Was also informed that the company was possibly a broker and they would not be the company handling the whole move and they would sell it to another company in order to try to meet that price.

December 6, 2010 – Firmed date with Brandon of Januray 13th and asked to firm the amount up and had him send me a new quote with the correct dates, prices. I told him we lived in a townhouse and the possibility of a townhouse in Virginia due to a lot of the rentals there were townhouses. He said not to worry, he would wave 1 flight of stairs (fee $75 for a flight) at both locations. I informed him about our previous move with the Navy that we had 4400 lbs and that we had gotten rid of appliances (side by side refrigerator and washer and dryer and chest freezer, as well as replaced older bigger TV’s for smaller flat screens and that we wanted to firm our quote at 4000 lbs. He informed me that he was going to throw in 15 boxes free for booking the move with him. He informed me that if we had extra weight above the 4000 lbs, it would be at the original quoted price of $0.54 a pound and nothing more, and also if we had less, it would be cheaper than the $1500.00 quoted price @ $.54 a lb including the discount of 30%. I verified with Brandon that this was an actual moving company and not a broker and told him of my concerns that were brought up from the other companies I spoke with and the fact that they told me that they were underbidding the job and there was no way we could get the move for $1500. He ensured me that Greenlight Moving & Storage would be the ones picking us up, storing our property and the ones delivering it. He also said I would be able to be there to verify the weight tickets and to ensure they were weighing our stuff correctly. He said the reason they were able to give us such good rates was due to the holidays and it was not a prime moving time of the year and due to the off season, we would be given a great rate. He also assured me that they would be the only company taking care of our property and not to worry about it. I agreed to the quote and told him I would contact him on the 7th or the 8th to make initial deposit payment of $300.00.

December 7, 2010 – Received the revised quote with confirmed pickup date and discounts applied.

December 8, 2010 – Paid $300.00 deposit to book our move with Brandon @ Greenlight moving & Storage for January 13, 2011 pickup, received Order for Service email stating we paid $300.00.

January 7, 2011 – Sent email to Brandon @ Greenlight Moving & Storage to verify pickup date and time.

January 10, 2011 – Received email confirmation from Brandon of our move date and time.

January 13, 2011 – My wife was at home waiting for the moving company to arrive, I had to take our daughter to her last orthodon'tist appointment prior to our move. Greenlight Moving & Storage shows up at our house, they call me to inform me they were there, and I told the guy that my wife would come out and meet them. I called her and told her they were there and she said she only saw a Budget moving truck. She waved them down and they said they were with the moving company. She told me about the fact they were there with a Budget truck and this was the first time I felt trouble. She got off the phone with me and met the 2 movers that were there to move our stuff. Right off the bat the “foreman” was very rude to my wife. As soon as he saw we had stairs he informed her that he would not do the job unless we paid and extra $75 for the stairs. She told him that Brandon has included it in the price and he said that it was not on the paperwork and therefore we had to pay for it. She called me and I told her that I would be on my way home. I had to leave my daughter at the orthodon'tist and my Dad went there to the orthodon'tist to be with her and bring her home after the appointment. When I got home most of the stuff was out in the apartment complex scattered out behind their truck and in the parking area. In conversation my wife mentioned to the foreman that we were told we had approx 3500 lbs from United Van Lines when they came out to quote. He said, no you have 4000 lbs. and then he said he guaranteed he was right and she was wrong. And she said, OK we will see when we get the weigh ticket. The Foreman (Shawn, the manager of the company, I would eventually find out) was very rude to me when I got there and I told him I was not paying for the stairs. I told him that Brandon included a flight of stairs. He tried to tell me a flight of stairs was only 8 steps. I told him, I specifically told Brandon it was a 2 story townhouse. I told him that if it was only 8 steps, you would be walking around slouched down all the time and no townhouse anywhere has only 8 steps. He attempted to contact Brandon several times and finally got a hold of him. Brandon asked if I would be OK with paying $50 and I told him that he told me it would be free, and he agreed a flight of stairs were 8 steps, and that he really didn’t know for sure how many steps were in a townhouse because he never counted them before. Since my stuff was already all over the parking area of the townhouse, I reluctantly agreed to it, but was so mad I told him I should just cancel the move. Shawn said he would just leave all of our stuff in the drive way of the complex and leave. I felt I had no other choice since we would be leaving the state in a couple days, so I decided to let them move it. Finally all of our stuff was loaded on the truck, after a long battle with the foreman the entire time. He tried to get me to pay more than the stated 50% and I told him that I was informed to pay $450 on pickup and that was all I was paying. After he gave me the paperwork and I paid him the $450, I told him we were supposed to verify the weigh tickets. He gave me the original weigh ticket that was dated Jan 9, 2011 and that they needed to get going and that they would weigh the truck on the way. I told him that Brandon said we can verify the weight and he said he was not going to weigh the truck in Lemoore and would call later with the new weight. I knew right then that we were in for bigger problems. I tried calling Brandon before the guy left and he never answered. About an hour later he called and I let him know what had happened and how the guy’s attitude was when he was there. He sided with us and said the guy was not right for how he treated us and he would make sure something would be done about it. (Later we found out that was all talk because the guy was the manager of the company – Named Shawn).

January 14, 2011 – Got a call from Brandon saying our weight came out to 5400 pounds, and I blew my lid. I told him there was no way in the world we had that much weight and that I wanted proof of the weight ticket scanned and email to me. He refused to do as I requested. He told me that they would not ship out our stuff until we paid them another $400.00 to reach the new total of $2,306. I told him I wanted this in an email and he sent me an email. I told him that they were wrong on the weight and I wanted a reweigh. He told me that was fine but I still had to pay the new amount in order to get our stuff. I told him I didn’t have the money because I only would have the money we originally agreed to on delivery. He said again they would not ship our stuff until we gave them more money. I told him I would call him when I had it and that we didn’t have an address to ship it to yet anyway and once I got the address I would give them the rest of the 50% new stated price, since they already had my stuff and I had no way to get it back. At this point they had us where they wanted us. I told Brandon of the conversation that the Foreman had with my wife about him saying we had 4000 lbs, and Brandon said sometimes things are heavier than they look.

January 28, 2011 – I sent Brandon an email with our new address in Virginia. I told him to contact me for the payment of the additional $400. He called me that evening and asked if I wanted to do it on the same card as I made the original payment. I agreed that was fine and that he could process the additional $400.00.

January 29, 2011 – In the process of checking our checking account, I noticed that there was a charge for the $400 from Greenlight, but also an additional charge of $300 from Greenlight as well. I immediately called Brandon to inquire about the unauthorized fraudulent charge on my account. He said they only took out $400. I informed him that they also took out the additional $300. He said he would find out and call me back. A couple hours later he called and said they accidently put a 7 instead of a 4 when the put in the amount and put $700. I told him that was not correct and that 2 charges came out. I said again, there was a 300 and a 400 withdrawal. He said that was not correct, and I told him that it was. Instead of arguing with him, I told him on any account I wanted the $300 unauthorized charge credited back. He said it would be back within 3 days.

February 2, 2011(Day 6 since I paid the $400) – Emailed Brandon to check on the status of our shipment and to inquire about the credit of the $300 that I still have not received. I spoke to him and told him I needed the money and it was not money we had counted on being taken from our account. I told him I called the bank and there was no pending credit to our account.

February 3, 2011 (Day 7 since I paid the $400) – Brandon emailed, stated he was checking on the status and that they are “driving through possible blizzards”. And he stated that he was sure I seen it on the news about the blizzards. I responded back to the email and told him I hadn’t seen any news since I was sitting in an empty house with no TV. Again, I asked about the transaction number for the reversal of the charge.

February 4, 2011 (Day 8 since I paid the $400) – Talked to Brandon on the phone and he said that they had not left yet because of the weather.

February 7, 2011 (Day 11 since I paid the $400) – emailed Brandon a heated email stating my fuse was getting short about the extra $300 still not being returned to my account and that my household goods still had not been delivered 11 days after they received their other amount to bring to their “new” 50%. I told him I had been lenient up to now and I was being taken advantage of. I told him again about the jerk that came to our house to pick up our stuff to what had transpired to the present moment. I told him I felt I had made a major mistake selecting their company and that I would be calling the bank about fraud charges.

February 8, 2011 (Day 12 since I paid the $400) – I receive several (4) calls on my cell phone while at work, from Shawn from Greenlight to call him back. I called him back after I got off work, found out he was the guy that had came to pick up or stuff (the foreman) and that he was actually the manager of the company. He started yelling at me and calling me a liar that they did not take out an additional $300.00, and also said that Brandon forwarded him the email. He said that he didn’t know why I called him a jerk in the email, and I told him that is because that was how he acted to my wife and I when he was he was at my house. I spoke with him on the phone for 21 minutes with him debating the fact that they did not take out the extra money and said that our stuff still had not left California. He blamed it on us for holding up the $400.00 and that is why we didn’t have our stuff yet. At this point we are already 12 days past paying the $400. He said they had 21 days to get it to us from the day we paid it. I told him Brandon informed me that it would be out on the next truck after they received the address from us, and it would be no longer than a week. He said that they would not say that, even though they did. He then tried to tell me that the $300 we paid when I first booked the move was not on the record and that is what the extra $300 they took out was for, and not an unauthorized charge. He said all they had was the $450 I paid him when he came to my house, plus the $400 they took out to bring to new 50% and the $300 on the same day was not a mischarge and it was actually for the deposit. I told him there was no way possible because they would have never come to my house if they didn’t have the initial deposit. And that I had the receipt showing all the charges along with my bank statement. At this time the story changed because when we first started talking, he said they didn’t take out the extra $300, and Brandon told me that they accidently put $700 not $300 and $400. So the stories were changing at this point. I told him to hold on and I conference called in Brandon, when he heard what I was doing he hung up on me. I told Brandon what was happening and he said he would talk to Shawn. Shawn called me back 20 minutes later and said he spoke with Brandon, he said he didn’t hang up, but got disconnected. He told me he would contact the credit card company and find out if there was an extra charge, and he would call me back, but he would like me to forward proof to him from the bank. I went online to my bank website, filtered out all charges from Greenlight and copied them into a picture file and emailed them to Brandon for proof.

February 9, 2011 (Day 13 since I paid the $400) – Received call from Shawn said I was right and they did take out the extra money. He apologized for the error. I told him that he should not yell at a customer if he didn’t know what he was talking about. He said it would take 10 – 14 days to credit the money back unless I just wanted to apply that money towards the remaining money we owed them. He said the trailer was loaded and should leave by the weekend and should be there by the beginning of the next week. I told him since there was no way I was paying that money again to them if they credited it back, I would not receive the refund by the time the stuff got here, I would just have them keep it, because I knew they would try and make me pay it again, even though I would not have the credit back. I didn’t trust them at this point. He said OK, he would apply it toward the balance and that our stuff would be on the way.

February 10, 2011 (Day 14 since I paid the $400) – Brandon replies back to the email proof , “ok thank you”

February 14, 2011 (Day 18 since I paid the $400) – Emailed Brandon if our stuff has yet been shipped as Brandon said it was. Received an email “Yes Ed your stuff is on the way.” Replied back asking when it was shipped and when we should expect it. Emails were short at this point, he replied “the driver will call you when they are approx 24 hours away”

February 15, 2011 (Day 19 since I paid the $400) – Received an email from my old co-worker in California stating I had a voicemail on my old work phone number from a driver from “the moving company” saying our stuff should be there on Wednesday and to call him back. His voicemail cracked up and I did not get the number, so I forward the email to Brandon telling him of the situation. Later in the day, I received a phone call on my cell phone from the driver stating that we would get our stuff on Wednesday afternoon between 3 and 6 pm, and that we needed to pay him $1,310. I hit the roof again, I told him that was incorrect and that we only owed an additional $856.00. He said I needed to work it out with the company. I called Brandon and he asked me how much I think I owe, and I told him, no, how much do you say I owe. He said $1310. I told him there was no way and that we only owe $856.00. He said that they credited back the $300 overcharge, and I said no they didn’t, and that Shawn said they would just apply it to the remaining balance. I walked him through what has happened up till now with charges and credits, using the email he sent me with how much we owed using the new weight (the weight they were saying we had), I deducted the amounts I had already paid, with a remaining total of $856.00. He figured out the math and agreed and said he would talk to Shawn and then call the driver to inform them of the new amount we owed.

February 16, 2011 (Day 20 since I paid the $400 – Day 35 from the day they picked our stuff up) - Delivery day. Called the driver back and he said they adjusted the price, but that it was now $1013.00. I informed him that it was again incorrect and that we only owed $856.00 and that Brandon agreed that $856.00 was the correct price, just the night before. He said that I needed to work that out with the company, and that he was a completely different company that took the job from them and he had nothing to do with the amount, but he had to pick up what they said we owed. He had tried calling Brandon as well as his dispatcher with no luck, but that I would have to pay the $1013.00 in order to get my stuff. I then started calling Brandon (20 times, leaving 5 voicemails.) I called Shawn (2 times, each time phone went directly to voicemail), and the main company phone number once and it went directly to voicemail. I then received a call from the dispatcher telling me that the truck would not come to my house nor get reweighed if I didn’t agree to pay the $1013.00 (basically holding my stuff hostage). I told him that I didn’t owe that, and he said he understood if I didn’t want to pay it, but I was not going to get my stuff, and it would go into storage until the amount was paid, he said somewhere within 50 miles. I reluctantly agreed because we needed our stuff and have waited too long already. We then got the extra money out of the bank, and met the truck driver at the scales for the initial weigh in. They followed us to our house. He showed me the paperwork, and I seen why there was a discrepancy in the price. They crossed out the extra weight price from $.54 to $.65 a lb. showing that the extra money brought it to the $1,013.00. So at this point, they tried again to squeeze more money out by mischarging the extra weight. Finally they were done unloaded our stuff, we went with them back to the scale to get the reweigh. Our weight of our stuff came out to 4,260 lbs. That was 1,140 lbs lighter than what they told us we had, bringing more fraudulent charges at this point. Once I checked the two weight tickets from the 2 different scales they used on the initial weigh, on two different days, I noticed there was no way to tell if the two weigh tickets were even for the same truck. I tried calling Brandon again to tell him what we discovered and we have not yet heard back from him. I left a voicemail asking to receive the difference back with certified funds within two days or I am going to take this to court. Still no word from Brandon or Shawn. With the 4,260 lbs, we would have a grand total of:

4000lb @ $1500.00
260lb @$.54 a lb = $140.40
Total $1,640.40

They have $2,463 of our money to date. Subtract the new (correct) weight with the amount they already have, they owe us $822.60. If I do not receive that money back from them immediately, I am going to proceed to court asking for the whole amount back including court costs for the problems and hassles they have given us including the fraudulent charges as well as the fraudulent weight tickets for our actual weight.

More to come as this progresses.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-17:
What a nightmare! Please keep us updated.

Posted by Ytropious on 2011-02-17:
If you're taking this to court my advice is to delete this post. Your lawyer won't like you posting case details online.

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