Nutrisystem Complaint - Deceptive business practices

Review by anonymous257 on 2011-02-18
I received a promotional offer from Nutrisystem in the mail for "1 week free," prompting me to check out their website. On the normal website, the price listed for a 4-week program was $239, but I couldn't find a way to enter the promotion code for the free week. Looking closer at the offer, it gave a web address that took me straight to the promotional offer for "1 week free." The pricing on this separate page was $299. When I used their online customer service chat function to try to understand the discrepancy, the representative first agree that the current price was $239, then began to adamantly declare the price was $299, and I could choose my promotion for "1 week free" or their "rollback price" of $239 - the current price. Confusing and deceptive - I wouldn't trust a company that tries to pull the wool over their customers' eyes like this on the front end to do the right thing in helping me achieve my weight loss goals. Buyer beware!
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Posted by Skye on 2011-02-18:
You can achieve your own weight loss goals, without using Nutrisystem.

It's persistency and consistency, along with portion control, drinking 6-8 glasses of water everyday, and exercising, such as 3, 10 minute walks a day, to start off with, that is the key.

What happens once you reach your weight loss goal, and no longer eat Nutrisystem? The weight comes back on, plus even more. Fat cells, unfortunately, retain their memory, and are always looking to get that weight back on.

Good luck. You can do it, but remember, you have to do it for yourself, not because someone wants you to do it.

Save the money you would spend on Nutrisystem, and take yourself on a nice vacation, once you reach your goal weight, or around it. Even losing 10% of what you weigh now, can make a difference.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-18:
I dunno how anyone can pay money to eat that crud I see those meals at the store and they seriously look nasty. But hope it works out for you
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-18:
I have to agree with Skye. You can also use the money you save to buy those new clothes you'll be needing when you slim down!

What works for me is to eat 5 small meals a day or 3 meals with 2 snacks in-between. That way you feel good throughout the day because your blood sugar doesn't plummet and you're never hungry, which is the reason we overeat in the first place.

I personally believe that, if you do require assistance, Weight Watchers has a good, healthy plan which requires that you eat regular foods from your grocery store. Some people find it helpful to have the encouragement and tools they need to lose weight and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

Whatever you do, good luck and thanks for the post.
Posted by Skye on 2011-02-18:
Anyone who needs to lose weight, can, they just have to seriously want it. Just take it one day at a time, and it will come off. It may seem slow at times. and the less you need to lose, the slower it will come off, but it will come off.

Everyday is passing, whether you are on a healthy eating program or not. And no matter how many times you may fall down, that does not matter. It's how many times you pick yourself up, that counts.

Good luck!
Posted by Johanna on 2011-02-19:
I've been on Weight Watchers since last May and I've lost over 30 lbs so far. I currently am subscribing to the online service, but I have done it on my own in the past with just their points calculators and a handful of websites. The subscription service is $17 a month, plus a one-time sign up fee, but if you get their 3 month plan when you sign up, they will waive the fee and you just pay the $50 for the first 3 months. Way cheaper than those plans that make you buy their food AND pay a fee. Remember, it's a lifestyle change, not a diet :).
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-19:
"it's a lifestyle change"

Clutzycook +++

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