Diary Queen Complaint - Cursing Managers At The Drive Thru

Review by emmie1980 on 2011-02-21
BEECH GROVE, INDIANA -- The manager at the beech grove Indiana store was extremely unprofessional.. She was screaming at me thru the drive thru bc I asked to have my artic rush remade bc the one they gave me had ice cream in it. I am lactose intolerant and explained that. She also proceeded to tell me it was my fault and to take my food and go, except she used the curse word sh**.

I asked if I could have the difference of the drink I ordered and the one they gave me credited back to my debit card and she said no it was apparently my mistake and not hers. Horriable management at this store who treats her employees and customers like crap. She needs fired.
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Posted by T on 2011-02-21:
I'm a little confused. Best I can determine, there is no ice cream in an Arctic Rush. Did you order a different item before switching to the Arctic Rush? What was the chain of events? You started at the end, instead of the beginning, so I couldn't tell what happened.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-21:
How does the OP know that the manager treats her employees like crap? Granted she seemed to have treated the OP like that, but for the OP to make a statement like that leads me to believe this was a past worker, or knows others who work there. Otherwise, that is an unfounded accusation.
Posted by T on 2011-02-21:
Good find DIRM - I missed that. The OP calls it called "Diary Queen," so maybe it is written down somewhere.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-02-21:
what else could be in an artic rush other than ice cream?
Posted by T on 2011-02-21:
Go look at the DQ website for detailed ingredients and the nutrition label - that's what I did. It is a frozen fruit beverage, from what I can tell. Fat = 0, so I assume it has no ice cream.

Posted by Anonymous on 2011-02-21:
I hope you went to teh DQ website and made a complaint. The owner would sure like to know how this "manager" is treating customers.

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