Buhler Ford Complaint - Poor customer service and bad business practices

Review by alanscha76 on 2005-04-27
EATONTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- On march 22 2005 i purchsaed a 2004 pontiac grand am from Buhler Ford on RT36 in Eatontown NJ (1-800-481-0356). the salesmans name was Shariff, i called numerous times to try and get the plates and registration for my car and kept getting told they would call me when they came in. about 1 month later i called again and ws told by sales man that they still werent there and to stop calling as it wasnt his problem to get me my plates. finally i called again a week later and found myself that the plates were sitting in the wrong building so evidentally the salesman or no one bothered checking this simple mishap. i was told that when i picked up my plates i would finally receive all my paperwork and documents since i do not have a single one from this entire transaction. needless to say none were with the plates. i then called the salesman and was told bluntly he doesnt want to hear about from me anymore and hung up the phone. so to this day i have no paperwork for this car and dont think i ever will get any. i am going to take every action possible against this dealership.
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Posted by Clarke on 2005-07-13:
I am very surprised to find such a negative statement posted against Buhler Automotive. I am the Business Developement Manager at Buhler and as there are two sides to every story, I would like to present you with my part in this "less than truthful ordeal". The originator of this posting did purchase a brand new vehicle at Buhler Autos, at the time of purchase he was not able to provide us with the complete down payment having been $375.00 short of his obligation. Instead of cancelling the sales order, we agreed to allow him to post the remaining $375.00 at a term of 15 days, he stated that he would have the balance by then. Twenty days passed and we did not receive any additional cash from the buyer, however, he did call us regularly to see if his plates and registration were in house, we explained to him on numerour occasions that we would have to receive the full amount of down payment before we could process the plates, but still we received nothing. After time we decided to go forward and process the paperwork for the Motor Vehicles, despite not receiving his balance payment, and his plates arrived. Not long before he purchased his vehicle with us, we had divided the Dodge and Ford buildings so that instead of having both franchises in the same building we would have a separate building for each, but with only one receptionist, we still had the plates all going to her. We then decided to have Dodge plates and registration housed in the Dodge building, but apparently the word did not get out to all salesmen and the buyer was misinformed. My point is that we are a dealership that has been in business for 75 years and we maintain excellent customer service and remain a family owned environment. After so many years of building a great reputation it is unfair that one person, who should harness some of the responsibility for a delay in getting his motor vehicle documentation, should be able to come along and paint a picture that leaves this dealership looking like a willful, spiteful and non caring business. One could not be further from the truth, Buhler Automotive is a dealership where the customer is truly number one. What this buyer failed to inform everyone of is the fact that on the same day that he posted this "complaint" he also wrote me at my email address, with exactly the same statement he posted, verbatim, he did not inform me that he was posting this complaint, though the wording was identical, he came in as a concerned buyer, I received the email on April 27th. I responded to him and stated the matter of the $375.00 that was owed, sent him the documents he was waiting for and asked him to email me back with the date that he would expect to make his remaining payment. He emailed me back to thank me for my prompt response, directed me to mail the documents to his mother's home and never stated when he would be making that final payment. From the date I received his email on April 27th, he received his documents and all correspondence ended by April 29th. To this date I have not been informed whether or not he ever made the final payment. So bad service, not even nearly, we go out of our way to accomodate our customers. We have worked very hard to build a sturdy reputation, we are committed to our customers and to our community.
I am disappointed to see that one of our customers, to whom we have extended many a courtesy, would see fit to disparrage our reputation.
Posted by DORRY on 2007-06-25:
yes,there is two sides to every story I would never do business with buhler ford
Posted by DORRY on 2007-06-25:

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